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Oranges And What Should We Know About These World-Renowned Citrus Fruits

Oranges And What Should We Know About These World-Renowned Citrus Fruits

Oranges are round citrus fruits that are of course most of the times orange in color. But unlike the belief that oranges are green when they are unripe, in some warm parts of the world oranges are perfectly edible when they are green. In fact, it is because of the cold weather that oranges turn green. This belief usually comes because many fruits ripe during their transportation to grocery stores, and sometimes these trips are long.

When it comes to answering the question which came first orange the color or orange the fruit, it is said that orange got its name from Sanskrit word (an ancient Indo-Europe language) Naranja that in fact means fragrant. These fruits are widely renowned for being rich in vitamin C and are becoming an imminent part of people’s breakfast.

Moreover, they add a perfect tang to desserts, we can make jams out of oranges or we can buy them as candied slices and they even found application in the beauty industry. People are using oranges for different hair and face masks for a while now.

Oranges are available almost in every season, this is because of different orange types that ripe in different months through the year.

Let us see below orange types and some nutrition values of oranges.

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1. Navel Orange

One of the most common types of oranges is navel orange. These oranges are sweet, usually have no seeds and are easy to peel. This makes them perfect to eat out of hands as snacks. It is said that they first originated in Brazil. And they took the name because of their shape. These oranges resemble a human navel from the outside. Just like the other varieties of oranges, these are high on vitamin C concentration and promote our health. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that supports our immune system. They are also a good source of vitamin A, which is important to maintain healthy skin according to Hale Grooves.

2. Valencia Orange

Just like the name itself tells, this orange is said that was first discovered in Valencia, Spain. This variety of oranges are easy to peel and thanks to their flavors are often dubbed as the most delicious oranges in the world. They are usually available in October, November, December, January, May, and March. They are not only bursting with flavor though. They also burst in vitamin C and promote our well-being as other oranges do.

3. Blood Orange

Another type of oranges that looks quite a regular orange from the outside is blood orange. But it is the flesh that has that pink and blood-like color and that is the reason they were named for. According to The National Gardening Association, they are a cross between an orange and a raspberry. And probably this is why many people associate their taste with raspberries. Although quite unusual citrus fruits, they are quite popular not only in Europe but in other continents as well. These seasonal fruits are available from December to May and also known for their antioxidant properties.

4. Seville Orange

There are two types of oranges sweet and bitter and Seville orange belongs to the second group. According to Very Well-Fit Seville, orange is one of the most bitter citrus fruits and it is mostly used for orange marmalade and orange oil but also for cooking. They are round tangy oranges with a sour and somehow bitter taste. They are available from winter onward to spring. Specialty Produce writes that they are a cross between a pomelo and a mandarin. And since their flesh is not pleasant when eaten raw, they are best suited for culinary purposes when added as a flavor or for juicing.

5. Hamlin Orange

This is another orange variety that also bursts in flavor and has few seeds. These sweet and juicy traits do not make Hamlin orange only a great snack but also are a great choice to make orange juice. They are available from October to January and many people due to their fragrance have them planted in their garden.

Nutrition Facts

There are so many orange benefits we might have heard about. Some of the nutrients found in oranges we name below:

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Vitamin C

According to the National Institute of Health, vitamin C, acts as an antioxidant that protects our body from diseases. And the amounts of vitamin C that your body needs for a day depending on your age. But is generally said that eating an orange per day almost meets your body’s requirements for vitamin C. It is widely known that citrus fruits burst in vitamin C. And so do oranges as the widely known fruit of this category. One medium-sized orange provides 70 mg of vitamin C according to Nutrition Data. Studies show that vitamin C supports your immune system and plays an important role to keep you healthy. 

Potassium and Calcium

According to Medical Plus, calcium is one of the most important minerals in our body. It helps to keep our teeth and bones healthy. Potassium is also another important mineral in the human body. This because our body needs potassium to work properly. Although oranges don’t meet the daily needs of our body with these two minerals, a considerable amount of them is found in oranges and orange juices.  According to a study, 240 ml serving of orange juice provides approximately 10% potassium of the RDI. Meanwhile, orange juice can contain from 350 to 500 mg of calcium.


Except being rich in vitamin C, as a powerful antioxidant for our body, orange juice is also high in another antioxidant which is vitamin A. Vitamin A has long been connected to eye health, studies suggest. A study found that drinking 750 ml of orange juice daily increased antioxidant status significantly.

Oranges are very healthy and this is why it is important to incorporate them into our diet. Also making fresh orange juice at home is much better than buying orange juices that may contain added sugar and other components that might not be that healthy.

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