This Is What An Over-Protective Boyfriend Did When A Man Stared At His Girl

Being a boyfriend is a surface-level quality. Having your boyfriend as your best friend is literally the best feeling ever. But just because you hang out all the time, or eat meals together doesn’t make him your best friend. It’s the little moments you share between, like inside jokes, or talking without having to say anything or caressing the other’s back when they’re not feeling okay, or punching someone in the face for staring at your girlfriend’s bottom. Just kidding, but yes, the latter thing happened.

A couple was shopping when their trip quickly turned violent when the boyfriend saw another man checking out his girlfriend’s bottom. The man was casually leaning on the shop’s counter while staring at the woman and being very creepy about it. The footage was filmed in a shop in Lincolnton, North Carolina. The woman’s boyfriend noticed the other man staring at his partner while they were at the counter talking to the store clerk.

Almost immediately, without hesitation, the boyfriend confronts the creepy man and punches him in the face.

As this wasn’t enough, after the man got caught red-handed, he gave the boyfriend a weird smile and said ‘yeah’. It just seems like all he wanted was to be noticed because there couldn’t possibly be other explanation.

That made the boyfriend even more furious and he is seen clocking him square in the face.

The woman is seen embarrassed by this whole scene and asks her partner to apologize. On the verge of anger, her partner follows the man out of the building, making sure he isn’t coming back.

The girlfriend is then heard in the video asking the store worker not to call the police on her over-protective boyfriend.

Seemingly, this kind of behavior did not shock the staff of the store, who decided to get a CCTV camera after a few break-ins and robberies.

See the video below:



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