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Here Is Where This Owner Found His Silkie Chicken After Hours Looking For Her

Here Is Where This Owner Found His Silkie Chicken After Hours Looking For Her

Silkie Chickens are an unusual breed of chickens believed to be with Chinese origin. It’s probably their friendliness, fluffy strange appearance and their clumsy actions that make these birds so endearing to humans. This is why today we are going to tell you the story an imgur user with the name WyrmsWorks shared about the adventures and funny situations this silkie gets herself into.

Her name is Marshmallow and here is what her owner firstly said about the breed:

 “They’re bred to be less physically capable so they’re easy to contain, and they’re also bred to be very calm and trusting, with no emphasis on maintaining normal survival capabilities. They are very easy to catch and don’t try to run from predators soon enough because they’re just too calm. Silkies can not free range, they will get themselves killed one way or another. They are special needs as far as chickens go. As long as they’re kept safe they make perfect pets, though.

In one of the days, he didn’t know where Marshmallow was and after looking for her, for an hour or so he found her… where but in the garbage can.

“It shouldn’t be possible for her to get in there on her own, she doesn’t have more than an 8-10″ vertical and that basket is definitely taller than 10″ he continued.

It was just after a while that he figured it out how Marshmallow ended in there:

Waffle cock is this owner’s second pet:

Waffle was trying to mate with her. She’s not sexually mature yet, having yet to lay her first egg, so she wasn’t having any of it. She jumped on top of a short cat stand next to the trash, but Waffle could still peck at her. So she hopped up to perch up out of his reach on the rim of the trash, forgetting that her feet are shit and her balance quite poor, and promptly fell in. She didn’t mind, though. The trash can was comfortable and safe, and Waffle couldn’t reach her. She settled right in. She was happy. Silly bird.

Whereas another day he saw Marshmallow bathing in the mud.

“She usually dust bathes in dryer dirt, which doesn’t stick to her feathers as badly. She was having fun, but my WHITE pet chicken was getting her plumage FILTHY. She’s pretty happy with herself, but mom says time for a bath”

Look at her feathers…

A few minutes later I had produced once a confused and slightly unhappy wet chicken.

“Hunkering down to conserve warmth. She likes the bath well enough, it’s safe and warm, but being cold and wet afterwards is the worst”

Marshmallow hen and Waffle cock flirting around…

Gotta impress his girl, he absolutely does not care that she’s not interested on a good day. And today is not a good day. She’s wet. After a blow drying session, she’s puffy and white once again…


Adorable little birds sharing the “bed” together!


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Here are people’s comments on the story shared:


Aw, everybody loved it! And if one day I’m going to get a chicken, it will absolutely be a silkie one!


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