You’ve Been Using Glitter On Your Nails Wrong All This Time

Say what you want, an amazing look is definitely not complete without an amazing set of nails. Especially during these festive times when glittery nails are in order. They simply must match the decorations and all the mood surrounding us, so yeah, glitter forever.


HOWEVER. There’s quite a chance that you’re doing it wrong. You read right. It’s gonna get clear in a second.

Whoever applied nail varnish knows that it takes forever to apply, dry and reapply because there are some patches of the nail between the specks of glitter. However, since this is very common, it has a simple solution. The only reason why people struggle with this is because they are doing it wrong.

Instead of applying the nail polish like a regular one, do it with a sponge. It’s much easier and won’t take you a lot of time.

Beauty blogger, named Kelli Marissa came up with an effective way to make our nails look perfect with a glitter finish. Follow these steps below to get a better idea.

Step one

Start by applying a clear and non-matt basecoat. Keep in mind that your nails should be clean while doing this.


Step two

Paint around the edges of your nail with a “liquid latex” which will prevent any access polish go into your skin.


Step three

Then, put some glitter polish in the corner of a sponge.


Step four

Pat the nail polish onto your nail carefully using the sponge.


Step five

Finish your nails with a topcoat for a perfect finish.


Seriously though, where has this hack been until now? So useful and amazing results!

Source: Auntyacid