Artist Uses Paper Clips To Illustrate Mental Illnesses And Disorders

Eisen Bernardo is a Filipino graphic designer who lives in Hanoi, Vietnam. He designs publications and produces multimedia materials for local and international academic and research organizations. His Mag+Art project, a collection of a magazine covers and classical painting mashups has been recognized in online media worldwide.

Many people in this world have to deal with mental illnesses, but not everyone around them understands it. That’s why Eisen created a set of minimalist illustrations, hoping to depict and portray how mental illness feels like, with the help of a bunch of paper clips. According to him, the paper clip is something incredibly simple which also represents life, because it has a starting point and an endpoint. It also reminds him that he should keep things together. The paper clip perspective is brilliant and unique and the way the artist’s interpretation of its meaning is definitely admirable.

From anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder, Bernardo uses minimalistic illustrations to raise awareness about the stigma associated with mental disorders and help people understand these diseases. Quite often, projects like this don’t really translate that well to people who don’t already know what it would feel like, but it is incredible how something as simple as a paper clip can bridge the gap towards understanding while being inspiring and comforting to people struggling with these disorders.

Don’t forget that mental disorders affect everyone differently. If you want to see more of Eisen Bernardo’s work, follow his Instagram account @lbumplusart where he has 12k followers.

Here are his unique minimalistic illustrations, compiled by Bored Panda.

More info:

1. Depression


2. Anxiety


3. Bipolar Disorder


4. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


5. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


6. Dissociative Identity Disorder


7. Eating Disorder


8. Substance Abuse


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Source: boredpanda