15 Simple Parenting Hacks Coming To The Rescue

Being a parent is a 24/7 exhausting and unpaid job, Yet, most parents enjoy every single second of it. Okay, 90% of the time. Parents would also love to see their everyday tasks simplified. It’s somewhat of a dream. What if we tell you it’s possible? Here are the ultimate parenting hacks, coming to the rescue, courtesy of Diply.

1. Storage tip that saves lives

Want to go out but can’t find that thing you put the pacifier in? Meanwhile, your baby is basically slipping off the stroller and you are already pissed off. No problem! Use takeout containers to store those annoying pacifiers and off you go!


Source: Cynditha Blogspot

2. Turn a blowup pool into a playpen

It’s clean, inexpensive, soft, and most importantly, huge!


Source: CanDo Kiddo

3. Streamline your child’s morning routine

“Klowey & I put these together the other day for her & Jaxon’s school clothes so that our mornings would go more smoothly.” An excellent idea for busy parents!


Source: Instagram | @kortneybrady

4. Instead of thinking about their shoe sizes, try this ingenious hack

Bring the feet! Do not drag the kid to the store as it’s likely they will go cranky in a few minutes.


Source: A Beautiful Ruckus

5. Make a routine clock for your family

Use a cheap clock and color it with important scheduling events. Responsibility is important!


Source: Kids Activities Blog

6. Make them a phone number bracelet

In this way, you will always feel secure that your kid is safe.


Source: Danya Banya

7. Baking sheets are your best friends

These kitchen staples can come in handy for all those crazy crafts. They are large, flat, and easy to stack! Go for it.


Source: Grade School Giggles

8. Make slippers less slippery

Just add a little glue at the bottom and off they go! No more falling on slippery floors.


Source: Pretty Prudent

9. Use freezer bags for packing

Don’t stress yourself by searching for something by using these. Trust me, it will save you a lot of nerves.


Source: Instagram | @pinlady91

10. Lint rollers are also helpful

Glitter is fun to craft with, but its leftovers are super messy. Luckily, you can use a lint roller and some baby wipes to take care of them easily!


Source: Grade School Giggles

11. A drying rack can be used for more than dishes

It’s perfect for storing markers, crayons, and coloring books.


Source: Antonis Achilleos | Real Simple

12. Don’t lose track of doses

Life is busy, but keeping track of dosing medicine is important. Draw a simple dosage chart on the container and simplify your life.


Source: Instagram | @flovaldes_

13. Cupcake liners for no mess

Avoid sticky fingers by using cut-out cupcake liners on popsicles.


Source: Babble

14. Never lose socks in the dryer again!

Use safety pins or binder clips to keep a pair together.


Source: One Good Thing

15. Make instant art bibs

Use some Glad Press n’ Seal to make an instant art bib!


Source: Raddest Mom

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