16 Parenting Quotes That Will Make You Laugh

You’ve seen endless hilarious pictures on the internet and you’ve heard people complaining, but yet, parenthood surprises you every single day. You think everything is in perfect order once you get up and make breakfast, and then, you see your toddler drawing on the furniture and laughing at you. If someone asks you what it’s like to be a parent, you instantly get the urge to tell them not to do it, but then you realize that your days are full of endless fun and hilarious ideas. Here are some parenting memes that might do the job of explaining how you feel as a parent and make you laugh, courtesy of Diply.

1. Leaving the house without kids is so simple. All you have to do is leave.

With kids, you need to catch them, dress them, find everything they “need”, and put them in the car seat. Sounds pretty simple? Try doing it!


Source: Facebook | The True Life of Parenting

2. There no worse feeling than having to say goodbye to your warm bed.

Why do those tiny creatures require so much room when they’re so small? I wish I could know.


Source: Facebook | Real American Dadass

3. When people without kids swear their future children will never watch TV.

There was a time when I believed in strict screen time boundaries, but that is all in the past now. We do what we have to do to survive, people!


Source: Instagram | @outnumberedmother

4. Just in case you were waiting for the kid to finally go to school, think twice.

Then you discover that a school is really just a place full of germs.


Source: Facebook | Real American Dadass

5. How does he do it?

Heads up, husbands: Kids don’t raise themselves. But let me know all about that not-stressing-out thing.


Source: Facebook | Bad Parenting Moments

6. It can’t get more realistic than this!

Some things get easier as the kids get older? I used to think that, too.


Source: Facebook | The True Life Of Parenting

7. Kids have the ability to make us angry in seconds.

It’s no wonder we sometimes seem like we can barely control ourselves.


Source: Facebook | Real American Dadass

8. When trying to find the perfect recipe for your toddler.

Also, if anyone needs a taste tester, I volunteer!


Source: Facebook | The Parenting Feed

9. You need an iron stomach to be a parent.

All those smell of poop, sweat, curdled milk that end up mixed up at all times. The list of unpleasant smells is much longer, btw.


Source: Facebook | Real American Dadass

10. If you think about it, you are already a fitness model!

If you add all the cleaning and doing laundry, then you might as well stop counting calories.


Source: Facebook | The True Life Of Parenting

11. School makes no sense today, right? Try telling that to your kids.

Elementary school homework will bring you to tears.


Source: Facebook | Parenting Memes

12. Don’t even try that! I invented it!

On the one hand, it’s sweet to realize how similar your kids are to you.


Source: Facebook | HowToBeADad

13. Miley said it best.

Kids will always break something.


Source: Facebook | Parenting Memes

14. It’s just a phase.

Every stage of parenting has its own special blend of chaos.


Source: Facebook | Scary Mommy

15. Remember the beauty standards of pre-kid life?

Me neither.


Source: Instagram | @mommywinetime

16. Never judge a parent by their school drop-off face.

They are so much more than that!


Source: Facebook | Scary Mommy

Here are some hilarious parenting tweets.

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