12+ Parenting Tweets That Prove You Need Humor To Make It Through Raising Children

You hear it all the time: becoming a parent is the biggest joy a person can experience. The moment you first look into your child’s eyes you’ll finally know what unconditional love feels like.

You know what else I imagine you’ll see when you first look into your child’s eyes? A very long and exhausting life looking after them (and damn it, loving every moment of it because you love those little suckers.)

Okay fine, I can’t really relate, with not being a parent myself, but I do have some experience with babysitting. And, honestly, every time I’ve had to babysit, I went home at the end of those few hours as an exhausted mess. Taking care of little children is hard! I can’t imagine what it feels like never getting a break.

I suppose you’ll have to develop a pretty strong sense of humor to deal with it. Like the people in the tweets below:


1. It’s important to encourage your kids’ passion for art from a young age.

Source: drmassicotte


2. They do say you dream about whatever has been on your mind lately.

Source: LaGuardiaCross


3. Someone call the FBI, this guy’s cracked the code.

Source: R_A_Dadass


4. Can you blame him for wanting his sister to be cool? I’d say that’s just brotherly love.

Source: UnfilteredMama


5. What horror movie is this from?

Source: XplodingUnicorn


6. She’s a strong independent woman, Kate!

Source: KateWhineHall


7. So young, and she already knows what she wants and will get it.

Source: XplodingUnicorn


8. I think she’s entering the rebellious teenage-years phase way too soon.

Source: copymama


9. When you get the address, be a darling and share?

Source: proathomedad


10. It’s even worse because there’s no school tomorrow.

Source: _SingleBabyMama


11. Does he tell people to leave a thumbs up when asking if they like his outfit?

Source: tomgara


12. Parenting done right.

Source: iwearaonesie


13. Mark your territory, exert your power. No more letting them walk all over you.

Source: simoncholland


14. “Whose child is this? Where is the mother of this child, because it’s sure-as-hell not me!”



15. Ahh, they do say there’s no greater joy in life than becoming a parent.

Source: MyMomologue


16. He gave himself a break, you mean.

Source: PetrickSara


17. It’s just the kids who have days off.

Source: DraggingFeeties


18. Never knew paranoia was a side effect of parenting.

Source: Lhlodder


19. And watch as they break things? That can’t end right…

Source: Cheeseboy22


20. Well, kids do say the darndest things so, that’s probably not that far off…

Source: CrazyExhaustion


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