16 Parents And Their Epic Christmas Fails

Christmas is the best time of the year! It’s filled with boundless joy, lorry-loads of fantastic presents, wonderful food, spending quality time with your family, and, of course, getting in the holiday spirit by decorating your home and making it as festive as possible. There are absolutely no downsides! If you’re a child.

However, if you’re an adult, there’s a lot of responsibility involved. There are so many things resting on your shoulders, it’s only a matter of time before you let something drop. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone! Not everything is going to be perfect: there are bound to be some fails along the way. The best proof is this list compiled by Diply. These 16 parents didn’t quite manage to successfully complete some of their Christmas tasks.

1. That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Not everyone was born to be a mason, and not everything was meant to serve as mortar. Still, mum’s pain is the kid’s gain: now he gets to eat the whole house!


Source: Instagram | @kweinberg23

2. Making a break for it

That tree is sick and tired and just wants to go home to its forest, even if it means breaking the window and jumping out of it.


Source: Instagram | @scofieldmk

3. The gingerbread monster

Look at it! It’s silently begging to be released from its pain! Mercy!


Source: Instagram | @kalindagray

4. Frosty the Snowman was a very scary soul

This is what you call a perfectly timed photo. The look of utter horror on that kid’s face. That’s the beginning of a lifelong phobia of snowmen right there.


Source: Instagram | @little_briar__rose

5. Quitters gonna quit

Not everyone is a dab hand at decorating for Christmas, and it’s understandable to feel frustrated. But posting that sign was a mistake. Someone ended up taking them at their word and relieving them of their decorations. Well, at least they will get used, instead of carelessly tossed in a pile.


Source: Instagram | @mandalouise17

6. Throwing tantrums and hissy fits

When your parents want to take a family Christmas photo, but you’re actually an undercover secret agent and you need to avoid getting recognized at any cost.


Source: Instagram | @miss_yessi

7. Flying high

Naughty little elf got lost in his own world playing with all that snow. That’s why he arrived late! Solid excuse.


Source: Instagram | @fiercelyboss

8. If it fits, I sits

When you have spent the entire day in the shop and bought almost every item off the shelves, it’s not surprising that your child can’t quite keep up with you.


Source: Instagram | @jamesstenson

9. Dibs!

This toilet seat is now the property of Mr. Elf on the Shelf. You will need to take your business elsewhere.


Source: Instagram | @kayleymas

10. That elf is on fire!

An important lesson was learned here: fire melts plastic.


Source: Instagram | @thisisthecollectiveid

11. Someone call the CSI!

When dinner takes a nasty turn to… regurgitation.


Source: Instagram | @toptui

12. The great bake off

Nailed it! They look exactly the same as on the box! The same color, that is…


Source: Instagram | @burrissj15

13. Five-star delivery

Priority mail means it will be delivered quickly, but not necessarily safe.


Source: Instagram | @dorkingout

14. I see what you did there…

Very clever: making a gingerbread house without making a gingerbread house.


Source: Instagram | @kalimusic

15. Do you wanna build a snowman?

Too bad we only have enough snow for one snowball. It’s something!


Source: Instagram | @lifewelive4

16. The hidden treasure

Where should I hide these sweets from my kid? I know! in the school backpack – he never opens that!

Well, seems you were wrong about that…


Source: Instagram | @meghansetterholm
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