These Are The 11 Most Important Things Parents Should Teach Their Kids By The Age Of 10

We never ever stop learning from our parents and their experiences in life. Every parent wants to “prepare” their children for the world when they are at a very young age and their lessons are no less important than what’s learned in school.

While there are divided opinions on what and how soon the children should start socialization, there are some common things a child should know by the age of ten. As the world changes and the technology develops, there is an argument that children should be taught some important lessons earlier than what was the case in the past.

Here is a list of some wise things you should impart to your child by the age of ten, according to TipHero.

1. Basic first aid

Even though you have probably taught them how to call 911 in case of an emergency by the age of ten, you should show your kids how to correctly sanitize and bandage a wound as well.

2. How to be a gracious in victory and defeat


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Always tell your kid how to embrace both being a loser and being a winner in a game or in real life. Some sore winners like to tease and some losers get angry or sad. Every parent should explain that you win some and lose some and that the positive sides of the both should be embraced.

3. Ownership and consequences

Children learn from adults and whatever is happening around them. Parents shouldn’t always be overprotective: they should actually allow their kids to accept responsibilities for their actions or choices. Also, they shouldn’t let the blame game become the norm and there should be consequences for breaking the rules or for dishonesty.

4. Not caving to peer pressure

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Every child wants to feel accepted, that’s why it is really important to help your children learn how to handle peer pressure. Also, teach them to say “no” and to always have confidence in themselves.

5. Laundry

Parents shouldn’t wait for college in order to teach them how to do laundry. You can start teaching them all about washing, folding and putting away laundry around the age of 6.

6. Respect and value diversity


Teach your children how to be polite and respectful to every individual regardless of their skin color, age, religion or sex. Also, teach them to embrace the difference and the diversity instead of being afraid of them.

7. Speak up or advocate for themselves

Parents should teach their children how to speak up since not every kid finds it easy to do so. For instance, practicing role-playing and encouraging your kid to speak up about physical or academics need. Tell them how important is to have the confidence to speak one’s mind.

8. Digital safety and etiquette

Brad Flickinger via Commons Wikimedia

From a very young age, many children today are already addicted to smartphones, games or even social media, which puts them at risk. Parents should talk with their children about online bullying and website safety. The kids should know about all about online privacy and other important Internet issues.

9. Simple budgeting

By the age of ten, children should be advised on budget savings. For instance, saving up birthday and pocket money instead of wasting it right away, which can be challenging, but is certain to be beneficial in the long term.

10. Appreciate nature


It is really easy for the kids to get “lost” in the world of online games and virtual reality, but it is really important to encourage exploration of nature. It can be done through various outdoor activities. Also, every parent should teach their children about recycling and conservation.

11. Show empathy

Teach your children about empathy and compassion. Tell them how every one of us is different and has different needs, and how important it is to be able to understand each other. Also, teach them about the virtues of kindness, consideration, and patience.

Source: Tiphero