This Parents’ Sexy Selfie Caused ‘Parenting Debate’ On The Internet

In this age of rapid information, all it takes is a creative photo in order for you to go viral all over the world. The thing is, sometimes one just can’t know for sure how this creative is defined to certain people.

Just recently a cute couple shared a sexy picture of them in Sydney, Australia with their baby laying on the floor and this post sparked thousands of comments and debate – people even criticizing this couple’s parenting style.

The picture above is the cute family’s snap that the duo first shared, and it looks that they are holding the baby pretty normally, correct?! Wait and see the second one.

The German model Stefan Pollman and his partner Philia Gold shared the family shots as they visited Sydney, Australia.


However, in the other black-and-white photo, the toddler is awkwardly laying on the ground alongside the parents’ feet.

The post cracked the internet quickly garnering nearly 23,000 retweets and almost 100 thousand likes.

The Twitter user Summer Ray posted the side-by-side pictures of the couple with the tweet, “Lord forgive me I cannot stop laughing at the discarded baby in the second photo.”

Of course, many people commented and while some found these photos hilarious and relatable, others criticized the couple for the strange position of their kid.

One user said: ‘I’ve been laughing at this for five minutes straight’. Another added: ‘Just your regular Insta parents’. While a third wrote: ‘lmaoooo every parent understand this picture’. Some comments were hilarious, like this one: ‘Me as a parent’.

Among the negative ones were: ‘Responsible parenting’. The next one referenced Marie Kondo, writing ‘That baby sure didn’t spark joy’.

The adorable couple share pictures of their baby often, including these two (see above and below).


Some of the funniest tweets about this post were:

 Parents’ Sexy Selfie

 Parents’ Sexy Selfie

Awkward or hilarious? You be the judge.

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Source: Dailymail