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Apparently, Parents With Three Kids Are The Most Stressed Out

Apparently, Parents With Three Kids Are The Most Stressed Out

Everyone knows parenting is hard, and one would think that the more children you have, the more difficult your job is going to be. And while it is true that having two or three children to take care of is harder than just having one, it appears that three is also harder than four.

As a matter of fact, three children seem to be the most stressful number of kids parents can have, according to a new study. (So hurry up, William and Kate, make royal baby number four if you want less stress.)

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A survey conducted by in April 2018 was aimed at evaluating mothers’ stress levels in relation to the number of kids they have. They interviewed 7,000 mothers from the US and found that their stress levels don’t necessarily increase alongside the number of children they have.

So, three kids was when these mothers’ stress levels proved to be highest, whereas women with four kids reported having the least amount of stress.  Speaking to Today, blogger and mother-of-three, Jill Smokler, agreed with the results. She said:

Going from one to two was an easy, breezy transition. Two to three, everything was turned upside down. I do not feel like I have it together. You only have two hands! Just crossing the street and not being able to physically hold all their hands I find tremendously stressful.


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That seems strange since you’d think more kids means more stress, but as Janet Taylor, a mother of four and New York psychiatrist said, this could be because after the fourth child, mothers just learn to unwind and take things easier.


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Dr. Taylor said that there’s really no room in your head for worrying about “perfectionism” when you have four kids to take care of, adding:

The more children you have, the more confident you become in your parenting abilities. You have to let go. And then you’re just thankful when they all get to school on time.


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According to the findings, 60% of the mothers find not having enough time to do everything as the most stressful, whereas a whopping 72% revealed that, very counter-productively, they stress about how stressed they are…


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And apparently, your kid’s gender also contributes to the amount of stress you have, with the findings suggesting that raising girls if more stressful than raising boys. At least that’s what 60% of the mothers on the survey reported.

So there you have it. If you’re one of three siblings (and especially if you’re a girl) call your mom, tell her you appreciate her and apologize for all the stress.

Even if you’re not, just call your mom – she’ll appreciate that!


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