Paris Hilton Has Become Kim Kardashian’s Clone And It’s Creepy

Remember the days when 36-year-old Paris Hilton had the now-bombshell Kim Kardashian as a personal assistant and stylist? Well, those days are over, and the once-bffs are now only distant friends that occasionally see each other. Recently, Paris announced that she is engaged, but her recent makeover has shocked her fans. Kim has now set the modeling theme of the models for the new Yeezy fashion line, that has Kanye West as owner, as clones of herself. Paris makes a good one and you will barely notice it’s her! She has become Kim’s best clone!

👑 #YeezySeason6

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For Yeezy Season 6, there are paparazzi-style photoshoots of many celebrities.

So much fun being a #KimClone in the new #YeezySeason6 campaign. 🔥

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Previously the campaigns have been all about Kim rocking the well-fitted earthy toned clothing range.

This time, other people get to be Kim, including Paris Hilton.

#PlatinumBae 👱🏻‍♀️ #YeezySeason6

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All of the models involved in the campaign had Kim’s iconic platinum blonde locks.

Instagram stars Abigail Ratchford, Kristen Noel Crawley, Sami Miro and Sierra Skye have successfully recreated Kim’s persona.

Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, was also featured. She sported the classic ‘Kim on the phone whilst walking’ look.

The fashion designers Shannon and Shannade Clermont, make-up artist Madeleine Rose, models Sarah Snyder, Yovanna Ventura, and adult movie actress Lela Star also joined this team.


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Paris had a lot to say about this experience:

“So much fun being a #KimClone in the new #YeezySeason6 campaign.”

The Internet, on the other hand, was not that happy about it. As a matter of fact, some people couldn’t help but laugh at this.

James Harness wrote on Twitter:

“The fact that Kim Kardashian has her former boss who she used to organize closets for (Paris Hilton) all dolled up looking like Kim modeling her husband’s fashion line…. gag of the century”

One person, though, reminded everyone who is on the top in terms of money.

AB said:

“Y’all better not forget Paris Hilton’s net worth is almost double Kim’s. Thats the OG. Created that lane for everybody. Bless up.”

Sowmya Krishnamurthy wrote:

“Kim Kardashian used to organize Paris Hilton’s closet. Now she has her modeling her husband’s $400 spandex bike shorts. Dream big, kiddos #YeezySeason6”

Are Kim and Paris becoming bffs again?

Here‘s more on Paris Hilton’s engagement.

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