Paris Hilton Got A Lot Of Responses Due To A Tweet She Shared

Before the world had the Kardashians, the world first had Paris Hilton! The socialite that starred in “The Simple Life” during the 00’s, would probably become one of the most famous people on the planet if social media was big during her time. However, Paris apparently was ahead of her time. Now Paris, as the princess she is, has become a social media meme.

A few days ago, Paris took to her Twitter account to upload a portrait of herself which she captioned:

“Tell me something I don’t know…”

I assume Paris didn’t think this through and was just playing with captions to be mysterious and inquisitive, but the response she got back, was hilarious. A lot of people responded to her tweet. We have collected some of the best.


1. Who knew?

2. Does this mean that the “head chef” is a “head head?

3. I can’t digest this information.

4. My brain hurts.

5. What?

6. My mind is blown.

7. I imagine how constipated they must be. 

8. Gotta give it a chance tho.

9. Why is there so much science on this thread?

10. I’m sure she remembers sweetie.

11. *Books flight immediately*

12. So glad the sky is what it is.

I assume Paris Hilton was not expecting this much reaction to her tweet, but hey, can’t deny the fact that she got a lot of new facts. And so did we!


Source: Vt