Paris Hilton Is Protecting Her $2 Million Diamond Ring 24/7

The once-infamous and scandalous reality star is making headlines again. Thirty-six-year-old reality star and businesswoman Paris Hilton recently got engaged with her boyfriend Chris Zylka. According to People, Zylka proposed to her while they were on a skiing holiday in Colorado a week ago. Nowadays, Paris is making sure that her diamond ring is well-protected. Apparently, the star hired private security to protect her $2 million ring 24/7.

It’s not surprising after what happened to her once-beloved stylist and now famous Kim Kardashian. Kim was robbed while staying in Paris in October 2016, and she is still a bit shaken by the event. Is Paris learning from Kim’s mistakes?


Receiving a $2 million engagement ring has its downfalls. For example, Paris now has to protect it everywhere she goes. However, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by that and has already hired some full-time guards to take care of her precious ring.

Sources close to Paris and her fiance, Chris Zylka, told TMZ that they’ve had 24/7 security shadowing them since Zylka proposed. The special attention is, of course, on the ring. Last weekend, Zylka bent down on his knees and proposed to Paris in a romantic getaway in the mountains of Colorado.

Watch the moment the actor proposed in the video below:

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Paris allegedly feels it’s best to have someone on guard at all times because of the celebrities burglaries that happened last year. These include the jewelry heist at her aunt Kyle Richards’ house. There’s also the Paris ordeal her former BFF, Kim Kardashian, that she is very familiar with.

TMZ sources also say Paris already has full-time security at her house. The ring guards are supposedly always with her, but they are said to be wearing street clothes. It was made in this way so as not to be obvious that she has guards at all times.


Here is more on Paris’s engagement.

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