You Can Now Have A Party In A Giant Inflatable Unicorn Raft

You know, I’ve always wanted a giant inflatable raft. It’s basically my unfulfilled childhood dream! But now… Oh, finally now I can turn my dream into reality!

And all of that thanks to Sam’s Club’s inflatable products, which, according to 9GAG, now come in different animal shapes! But it’s not just the shape that’s important here, it’s the size. These pool floats are big. And when I say big, I mean REALLY BIG.


Don’t believe me? Believe your eyes as you scroll down.

These floating islands can hold up to six adults! Yup, you read that right – six grown-ass people can fit in just a single inflatable Sam’s Club raft.


Yep. I can’t wait to sit my ass down on that! So soft. So childlike. Aahhh. The good old days.


These adorable, giant rafts come in three shapes: a peacock, a flamingo, and finally – a unicorn!


The description on the website says that life is not complete without “resting by the gentle tail feathers of a towering inflatable peacock.”


And you know what? I agree! Huge unicorn raft, here I come! Childhood dreams fulfilled, yeaaah!

Source: 9gag