Remember Pauly Shore? Here’s What’s Become Of Him Since ‘Encino Man’

Remember that stoner dude from 1992 hit comedy Encino Man? Pauly Shore made us all laugh hysterically with his antics, starring in the movie alongside Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin. But that was… wow, it was 25 years ago… What’s become of the actor since those early days? Let’s find out!


First things first: he isn’t dead, even if he made a mockumentary in 2003 titled Pauly Shore Is Dead. Growing up, Shore learned the ways of comedy from the best as he was raised in the world of stand-up in The Comedy Store comedy club in Los Angeles. Renowned comedian Sam Kinison was Pauly’s mentor, and under his tutelage, in the ’80s, he perfected The Weasel – his Los Angeles-bred, bro-tastic, slang-surfer persona.

Not long after that, he got his big break when he landed a presenting gig on MTV. He was the MTV VJ from 1989 to 1994, and he also hosted his own show Totally Pauly, as well as MTV’s annual Spring Break parties. Shore took part in several moderately successful movies, but his most famous role was, of course, the one in Encino Man. Sadly, his career seemed over after the 1996 flop Bio-Dome.


But what has happened since then? Read on to find out, courtesy of Ranker.

1. He’s back on the stand-up circuit


Stand-up comedy has always been a part of Pauly Shore’s life. He is the son of Mitzi Shore, who founded The Comedy Store, and comedian Sammy Shore. Pauly started performing his own stand-up routines when he was only 17 years old. However, his mother Mitzi wanted him to prove himself in other venues before granting him a slot on The Comedy Store stage. Once his Hollywood experience was over, Pauly went back to his roots and to touring as comic.

“Comedy, I think for the true comedians that do it, they know that it’s something that you have to do. It’s not something they want to do,” he said. “So, it’s in my system. Whatever it is I’m going through in my life I have to talk about it on stage. It’s like a therapy thing for me. I feel more comfortable on stage than even speaking on the phone. I just feel at peace.”

2. He sued his brother


Shore’s mother has Parkinson’s which rendered her unable to stay in front of the family business. So it fell to Pauly and his brother Peter to become the co-directors of The Comedy Store. But it wasn’t long before problems started between the two brothers. Pauly sued his brother in 2009. He claimed that Peter had him removed from his director position without reason. According to Pauly, the story is that he asked Peter to look through the club’s accounting books, resulting in his brother using his “undue influence” over their mother to have Pauly sacked.

3. He made a mockumentary about his career

Source: Chris Rowley

Pauly Shore Is Dead is a semi-autobiographical mockumentary that Shore co-wrote, directed, and starred in back in 2003. It tells the story of the comedian’s rise and fall in Hollywood. In the movie, due to his dwindling popularity, Shore tries to fake his own death in order to regain the spotlight.

4. He helps with the family business

Source: TehComedyStore

The Comedy Store was opened in 1972 and it quickly became one of the most successful comedy clubs in Los Angeles. Sammy Shore, Pauly’s father, was the one who opened it, but after a divorce, the club ended up in the hands of Mitzi, who was responsible for its success. She gave young comics an opportunity to make a name for themselves. Some of the most famous stand-up comedians who’ve performed at The Comedy Store are Richard Pryor, Jay Leno, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Roseanne Barr, John Belushi, Andy Kaufman, and George Carlin. The club is still going strong to this day.

5. He produced a comedy variety special

Source: Pauly Shore

Vegas Is My Oyster is a 90-minute comedy variety show written, produced, and directed by Shore in 2011. Taped at The Palms resort in Las Vegas, it was a “live comedy show with an outrageous all-star cast.” It included special guest appearances by Tom Green, Andy Dick, and Dave Navarro.

6. He made a documentary

Source: Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles

Shore made a documentary for Showtime channel in 2014, titled Pauly Shore Stands Alone. It follows the comedian as he goes on tour through the comedy clubs in the American Midwest. The documentary offers some insight into the life of the 45-year-old both as a stand-up comedian, and as a loving son who takes care of his ill mother Mitzi.

7. He films videos for Funny Or Die

Source: Funny Or Die

Shore has contributed to the comedy video website by filming a few short clips. In some of them he does impressions of public figures like American congressman Anthony Weiner, while others are offbeat sketches.

8. He made a mockumentary about adoption

Source: YouTube Movies

Shore was on a vacation in Africa, when he got the idea to “adopt” an African child as part of a mocumentary. The 80-minute film called Adopted was completely storyboarded in his hotel room. He had a casting director who found three child actors to play orphans. In the movie, Shore auditions these candidates to choose which one he’ll adopt to “take care of him when he gets old”. Adopted is intended as a satire of rich white Americans who adopt African children, but it’s also meant to be educational.

“If you look at the media, what does the media show Africa as? They show a lot of negativity,” Shore said. “Do you want to focus on the dead birds in the Gulf or do you want to focus on the stuff that’s off-camera, where kids are playing and everyone’s having a good time? Once I got down there [to Africa, not the Gulf], I got to see how beautiful it really was. Yes, there are really bad parts, but there are also some really fun parts. There are great restaurants. The food’s really good. People are really nice.”

9. He taped a political comedy special

Source: Pauly Shore

The 2012 elections for President of the US inspired Shore’s comedy special Pauly-tics. It consisted of a combination of stand-up comedy and interviews with people like TV host Larry King and author Herman Cain.

10. He has his own podcast


He is the host of The Pauly Shore Podcast Show where he has comedians and actors as guests. Besides the chats with famous people, on his podcast Shore also shares some tidbits about his own life. Some of his most notable guests were filmmakers Judd Apatow and Bret Ratner, and the late comedian Garry Shandling.

11. He’s considering Bio-Dome 2


Bio-Dome is the movie considered to have put the final nail in the coffin of Pauly Shore’s career. The comedy was considered a flop as it failed to return its original budget of $15 million dollars, and it also got negative reviews by critics and earned only 5% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite all this, Stephen Baldwin who costarred beside Shore in the movie, is eager to make a sequel. In an interview with Variety in 2017, he said “Help me talk to the studio that helps control the sequel rights to Bio-Dome because Pauly [Shore] and I are ready, and I have the money now with my new company. Let Bio-Dome two live! Let Bio-Dome two live!”

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