Book Your Manicure Appointment With These Pencil Crayon Nails

From the runway to the main street, nail art has emerged as a democratic form of self-expression in which everyone can participate. So, if you are looking for some wacky and not kitschy ways to decorate and embellish your nails, Nail Sunny is here for you again. They don’t stick with traditional manicures. That’s for sure!

So, book an appointment at Nail Sunny and you will get some pretty good ideas to enhance your nails and set you apart from the crowd.

You probably remember the animated, moving eyes. How could one forget such skillful nail art?

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So, what’s next? If you are looking for a unique, but functional manicure, Nail Sunny‘s pencil crayons are just the thing for you. They feature colored pencils that are actually handy.

A thing to point out about these nail designs is you can’t wear them every day. I mean, life is too long to have the same nail design twice. Most of Nail Sunny nails are for aesthetic purpose only, so don’t consider them when talking about being practical (unless you have to book an appointment at Nailsunny’s or want to give autographs.)

pencil crayon nails

Acrylic combined with actual colored pencils for one hell of a crafty mani. It definitely earns top marks for creativity.

pencil crayon nails

But, did you know that these colored pencil nails do actually function for writing or drawing? Well, they may not be exactly what a school teacher requires from you when they add the tools to a back-to-school supply list, but as long as they are handy…

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Practical or not, there is no deny Nail Sunny artists are masters beyond measure in what they do. Even if their nail designs are not practical for everyday wear.


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