20 People Who, If They Didn’t Have Bad Luck, Would Have No Luck At All

Life’s not fair and that’s a fact. But to some people life is even more than unfair. It’s downright cruel! Literally any time you’re feeling happy, or positive, or content, or even just okay, life is there to punch you in the throat. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean. Someone once said, “There’s no such thing as luck. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” And maybe they’re right. Or half-right. Maybe there is no such thing as good luck. But there is definitely bad luck, as proven by this list compiled by Diply.

1. What goes around comes around

Kudos to the little girl for being a heavy sleeper. I guess the best way to go through such an ordeal would be to sleep through it.


Source: Twitter | @MiaSimper101

2. Perfect timing

That selfie didn’t quite go to plan, but capturing the exact moment of her “oh, sh-!” reaction makes the photo a hundred times better. Who’s a good boy!


Source: Twitter | @lykke_li

3. Bullseye!

I was wondering why that baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


Source: USA Today

4. Plot twist!

These Pitbull anti-fans are really violent! They could’ve just left the tickets on the windshield! It wasn’t that poor car’s fault that they had made an ill-advised purchase…


Source: Instagram | @no_chillbruh

5. Is that… a pigeon drumstick?

The greatest disappointments in life come from undersized chicken legs.


Source: Instagram | @momm_ty

6. Close, but no cigar

Imagine if four were correct, and only the last number was off by one. Now, that would’ve been heart-breaking.


Source: Reddit | burn23notice

7. When your brain is your worst enemy

No time to relax! Must worry!


Source: Instagram | @god

8. There’s just no justice

Why, oh why did they finish 140 and 141 before 139?


Source: FunnyJunk

9. Don’t leave me hangin’

Hey, it could’ve been worse! They could’ve gotten stuck hanging upside down!


Source: Reddit | mrwhiskers123

10. Just following instructions

What he actually meant was only ketchup and no bun.


Source: 9Gag

11. A glitch in the matrix

When life is determined to make sure you fail maths, no matter how hard you study.


Source: Reddit | OldPeopleHateMe

12. Size matters

What is that? A chair for ants?


Source: Twitter | @itssavannahxox

13. If it’s too cheap to be true, it probably isn’t

Yet another victim to the merciless scamming of people buying clothes online.


Source: Twitter | @lilveggiez

14. When you can’t be bothered

How many layers of nail polish is that? And can you tell her age by doing a cross-section of a nail and counting the layers accumulated over the years?


Source: Twitter | @GloUpElite

15. And we have the winner

This is definitely the unluckiest person of the bunch. Well, at least she didn’t look up…


Source: Reddit | Yachtnaught

16. Someone made a crappy decision…

At least it’s disinfected now. And it smells of oranges. A silver lining, right?


Source: Reddit | PacoDiez

17. Mistakes were made

Never mind her legs, what about the cereal? Letting perfectly good cereal go soggy by forgetting all about it and falling asleep!


Source: Twitter | @elly5sos

18. A dive (photo)bomber

This is why you should just eat your food, instead of taking pictures.


Source: Reddit | Se7enOne

19. Smells spooktacular

Never seen a more perfect price tag placement. Genius!


Source: Reddit | I_Pee_On_My_Wrist

20. Double whammy

When you try to fix your mistake and make an even bigger one instead.


Source: Reddit | ioxnexus
From: diply