16 People Who Had A Really Bad Year. Because Watching People Suffer Is Kinda Fun!

A few days ago we talked about how some days everything that could possibly go wrong for you, does, in the most bizarre and unexpected ways, resulting in what might be known as a ‘bad day‘. But bad days are nothing! A trifle! What are 24 hours compared to a month? Or a year? Oh, yes! Now we’re talking! A bad year is something you wouldn’t wish on anyone. However, life, the universe, or whatever, doesn’t care what you wish for. So these sixteen people ended up on the ‘bad year’ list. I’d say it’s not amusing witnessing their troubles, but I’d be lying, so let’s just go straight to the funny pictures, courtesy of Diply.

1. Obviously, the driver was headed to Success, took a wrong turn to Shortcut, and ended up in Failure!


Source: Reddit | ImpliedShrimpZ

2. I believe Emily is exceptional and extraordinary in that she’s embarrassed, yet expressive of the fact that she’s eligible.


Source: Twitter | @cantseawright

3. When you have been postponing your journey south for too long…


Source: Reddit | Dexter_Jettster

4. So how was your day? – Oh, great! – What did you do? – Nothing much. Fell through the floor…


Source: Reddit | Jweisblat

5. This is the point where you have to decide if it’s worth cleaning this mess up or if it’s better to just move house…


Source: Reddit | o0Baconer0o

6. That, my friend, is why you stay well back when driving behind one of these bad boys. Or behind any trucks that transport stuff that may fall on you…


Source: Imgur | starkat

7. This is Rachel on her way to Central Perk. She has no idea her life is about to become one giant sitcom!


Source: Reddit | bluered

8. Go golfing, they said. It’s the safest sport out there, they said.


Source: Reddit | craptainhammer

9. A lesser man would’ve opened the garage door before parking, but not this genius!


Source: Imgur | ketchuppacket

10. Maybe this will serve to teach someone an important lesson! See that, manufacturers? Time to stop using this hellish packaging design!


Source: Reddit | Kyatheir

11. You know your day’s started off on the wrong foot when even the train steals from you…


Source: Reddit | Dr_Procrastinator

12. Ummm… RIP?


Source: Reddit | Angrymanspokane

13. Haters gonna say it’s photoshopped…


Source: Twitter | @dylsexic

14. When you hit the accelerator instead of the brake…


Source: Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

15. Oh, no! You’ll never get those melted gummy bears off your car! I guess the only solution now is to buy a new one… A new bag of gummies, that is… What a waste…


Source: Reddit | thelazypunk

16. All those orange cones mean ‘drive here’, right?


Source: Reddit | Zanzibear
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