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12+ People Who Came Around To Having A Pet

12+ People Who Came Around To Having A Pet

We’ve all had some moments where our parents were especially stubborn about pets in the house. They claim they don’t like them, they are too much work, and that we won’t be able to take care of them. However, the minute you “secretly” bring a pet home, they will be their best friend. No, really!

Just like Twitter user Ruby’s (@roobeekeane) dad. In the beginning, he was all like “no, no” but now he is the cats’ best friend, like we told you they’d be, he gives them all the love & attention and hangs out with them all the time. Adorable right?!
It seems that Ruby’s dad is not the only one who came around to loving these adorable creatures. After Ruby’s tweets, thousands of other people replied with their pet/parent stories, which were also extra cute, the post got even 72K likes. 

Scroll down to see Ruby’s cute tweets and cats!

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1. Dad & Lucas

Photo credits: roobeekeane

2. Quality time

Photo credits: roobeekeane


3. Lucas & Dustin

Photo credits: roobeekeane

Down below are also all the people sharing their similar stories, with all the cute factor!

1. So much compassion

Source: Anne van Alkemade

2. Dad loves the doggo

Source: ern56

3. That’s purrfect

Source: Bebhinn Larkin

4. Cuteness overload

Source: Needlesedge

5. Watching their favorite show

Source: Leslie Burrows

6. I guess ‘never say never’

Source: Karen Pleunis

7. When hate is not hate anymore

Source: LisaCapri

8. *hearts eyes emoji*

Source: Vespayik

9. Pet me, hooman!

See Also

Source: Mandi Van Den Berg

10. A bundle of joy

Source: Amber Michelle

Moms & dads are not the only ones who oppose the pet idea, there are also significant others who have come around to the idea of having a cute buddy!

11. Guess who loves cats now?

Source: Amy Gagnon

12. Hubby & Sockface

Source: Victoria Morton

13. A spoiled cat

Source: amiasmatics

14. Not one, but two!

Source: Holly Patterson

15. Cutest thread ever!

Source: Julie Sabin Breedlove

16. Look at him now…

Source: Amber Michelle


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