6 People Who Tried To Cut Their Hair And Failed Miserably

Some things are best left to the professionals. Cutting your hair is definitely one of them. I mean, the odds of you ending up with ridiculous hair are much slimmer if you have your hair done by a stylist, but it could still happen. Just ask some of these guys. However, doing it on your own is bound to end in tears.

You might try to cut your own hair for various reasons. Maybe you want to save some money by doing it yourself; maybe you don’t trust other people with your hair (but are you sure you can trust yourself?); or perhaps you want to make a tutorial video to reach internet stardom (in this case, it’s highly recommended that you actually know what you’re doing before trying to teach others).

None of these reasons is a valid excuse to commit despicable crimes against your hair. Let’s face it, it isn’t very likely that you will do a good, or even an acceptable, job, and you’re bound to end up butchering your hair. Just take a look at these 6 people, courtesy of Diply. They tried, they failed miserably, and the conclusion is simple: they should never again be allowed to handle scissors. Or any kind of hair-related tools, really.

1. I’m pretty sure the broom-ponytail wasn’t the look she was going for…



2. Hey, I wonder what a representation of Moses parting the sea would look like done in hair?



3. You might think using a brush is pretty straightforward. Not when it decides to lodge itself firmly in your hair forcing you to resort to the last option: the scissors.



4. Now, all you need to do to make sure your bangs are perfectly straight is not follow this girl’s example.

Imgur | IncrediblyMooky

5. Confusing your wife’s hair dye with regular shampoo is sure to make you read all the labels in future



6. There is only one thing left to do when you cut half your hair much shorter than you meant to. Cut the other half as well.



If you haven’t had enough of these funny hair fails, check out this video.

Source: Diply