20 People Whose Day Went From Bad To Worse In A Second

You know how sometimes you’re having such a bad day that nothing, absolutely nothing, seems to be going your way? And after all that frustration, anger, and desperation, along comes someone with the most helpful advice in the world who tells you,” Look on the bright side, it could be worse!” Yeah, thanks, Dave. That made me feel so much better! The knowledge that someone else is suffering more than me really does make me suffer less.

So, if you’re in a situation like that, knowing that other people are more miserable than you might not be helpful per se, but actually seeing them fail epically may just be enough to put a smile on your face. Which is why we offer you this list, compiled by Diply, to try and cheer you up!

1. That sign clearly had it coming. But it wouldn’t go down without a fight!


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2. That car believed it could fly. It was wrong.


Source: reddit | RealPerez

3. The five second rule still applies, dude! What are you doing lying around on the floor? Pick it up, quick!


Source: reddit | iske

4. One small bump for man, one huge disaster for the company

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5. Aren’t clothes with holes all the rage now anyway?


Source: The Chive

6. How do you even throw urine? You must really hate someone to plan ahead and arm yourself with a chemical weapon of such magnitude.


Source: reddit | lunacity360

7. When not only are you stuck, but the elevator is actually mocking you!


Source: reddit | eire10

8. Don’t ever trust a puddle, no matter how innocuous it may seem.

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9. I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the shoulder.


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10. Guess who is suddenly afraid of heights!


Source: reddit | mrwhiskers123

11. Someone was clearly distracted with that champagne; no wonder they forgot all about the food.


Source: reddit | KevlarYarmulke

12. What bit you?


Source: TMZ

13. That’s exactly how I like my pepper: with just a little bit of egg on the side!


Source: reddit | chrisdidit

14. I just love how he’s just lying there for a second contemplating whether getting back up is worth it or not

Source: reddit | jah87

15. The vexing vending machine strikes again!


Source: reddit | CarbineGuy

16. When you decide to call it an early night


Source: reddit | HoodieHollowDickieRP

17. Everyone hates a backseat driver, Helen! Even cats.


Source: imgur | mamaducki

18. When the papers c-blocked an entire state in one fell swoop


Source: reddit | Lasty

19. So that’s why the car came so cheap!


Source: reddit | KevlarYarmulke

20. That’s how you get stuck with an unfortunate nickname forever


If you haven’t had enough and want to see more epic fails, here you go!

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