12 Helpful People Who Delivered Way More Than Expected

Some days it seems that no matter what you do and how hard you try, nothing goes the way you want it to. On other days, though, it’s like everyone and everything in your life are just pieces of a huge puzzle that fit together seamlessly. Those days, when everything slots together perfectly, are when you realize that you are indeed one lucky bast… person. One lucky person. Is it because you were born under a lucky star? Is it because life decided to treat you with mercy for once? Don’t be silly, that doesn’t happen. Nah, it’s most likely because there is an amazing person in your life who was right there when you needed them. Just like the people on this list, courtesy of Diply.

1. When you come looking for copper and you strike gold


Source: Twitter | @haagandasz

2. It’s just a prank, bro!

3. That’s exactly how you set a good example for your little brother


Source: Twitter | @RUCKlN

4. Lesson learned: never ask for extra spice!


Source: Reddit | Lowghen

5. Is this what all those Tumblr fangirls mean when they say something like, “OMG it was like sooo beautiful I like literally died lol”?


Source: Twitter | @creoleegyal

6. That girl would’ve totally lost the point if not for this superhero’s intervention! What a shot! And what a flip!


7. Meanwhile, your cat is sitting there like, “Oh you’re suffering? Good.”


Source: Twitter | @rudeweaver

8. Someone won the soap lottery! But what a risky way to extract the money from the bar! You could’ve cut it in half!


Source: Twitter | @wippinmy_Lexus

9. What are friends for if not to give you some extra support?


Source: Thrill Blender

10. It’s amazing what a bunch of strangers from all over the world can achieve if they work together for a common purpose!


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11. May Poseidon watch over them as they swim forever in the bliss of the eternal ocean.


Source: Twitter | @jaimesuemill

12. Much recommendation, very wow, such honors


Source: Imgur | anlyin
From: diply