12+ People Who Did Not Get What They Were Hoping For

In the digital era, it’s becoming increasingly easier to buy anything you want online. There are countless online stores and sites where you can get almost anything you want for an extremely cheap price.

Still, online shopping, especially when it’s cheap, is often too good to be true. You could order one thing, and get something completely different, which is why it’s always advised to thoroughly do your research and go through the reviews.

However, it’s not only the products you get online that can be deceiving – it almost never happens that a product is the same as it’s advertised in the packaging. But some are especially off – as in, horrendously and hilariously wrong!

So, scroll down to see a list of products that prove that advertising can be really tricky.

1. I mean, no one expects ice cream to look hyper-realistic but at least the eyes could have been in the right place.

Photo Credit: © moodibun / reddit


2. Did they even try?

Photo Credit: © krasnayaopasnaya / pikabu


3. Were they going for horrifying? Because they succeeded.

Photo Credit: © Market_Brand / reddit


4. This is the most disappointing thing I have ever witnessed!

Photo Credit: © intacto88 / pikabu


5. Is it slightly fewer calories now that they’ve omitted the sprinkles?

Photo Credit: © 1764 / reddit


6. That’s a lesson to always ask about size and never trust angled photographs!

Photo Credit: © BrianAshe1 / twitter


7. L is for the way you look at me… O, is for the only one I see. There’s no V or E sorry.

Photo Credit: © l3monsta / reddit


8. Hmm, I think it’s missing a little something…

Photo Credit: © ScrewSnow / reddit


9. Maybe it was a “do-it-yourself”?

Photo Credit: © leahevans248 / twitter


10. If you thought, “no way it can be so realistic”, you were right.

Photo Credit: © Franzi-Lanzi / reddit


11. They had one job!

Photo Credit: © NicoleDaviess_ / twitter


12. If you want to know what heartbreak looks like, this picture is a great example.

Photo Credit: © yourlocalheidi / reddit


13. It’s just a tad different!

people who did not get what they were hoping for
Photo Credit: © H2Oreo /reddit


14. That is infinitely terrifying! Why would anyone do that?

people who did not get what they were hoping for
Photo Credit: © dilsoso / reddit


15. “My sister ordered boots online for her Halloween costume and this is what came in the mail…”

people who did not get what they were hoping for
Photo Credit: © Sallamandersal / twitter

Have you ever had a failed experience with online shopping? Share it in the comments.


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