12 Times People Totally Disrespected Mac And Cheese

Creamy mac and cheese is absolutely almost everybody’s favorite comfort food. For a festive meal on Christmas or for a Friday night spent with your cat, wrapped in a blanket and drinking a glass of fine red wine. If you want to push it over the top you can add combinations of cheeses like Cheddar, Mozzarella and Gouda. Sounds, dreamy doesn’t it. Eh, well, only when it’s done right.

Some people had the nerve to completely disrespect the king of meals and make a complete disaster of it. Here are some of them that will make you cringe, compiled by Diply. 

1. We all have a desire to try something new

Wonder what Gordon Ramsey has to say about this infusion.


Source: Imgur

2. Mac and cheese deserves more than individual slices of American cheese

How lazy is this person?


Source: Reddit | fascinationstreet

3. This person might be going somewhere with this idea

But probably in the wrong direction.


Source: Grilled Cheese Social

4. Are those beets?

It looks like a murder scene.


Source: The Realistic Nutritionist

5. Blue cheese, paprika, and Curcuma?

Well, this is just incredibly unappetizing.


Source: Reddit | zarathustra79

6. Mac and cheese should never come from a can

But, compared to the rest, it doesn’t look that bad.


Source: Instagram | @kcarly789

7. This attempt at mac and cheese was retweeted over 4,500 times

Nice try.


Source: Twitter | @coolstoryjanis

8. That’s one unfortunate mac and cheese

And when you think of the things it could have done in its life…


Source: Instagram | @rachaelcarter88

9. That’s a mess of epic proportions

I mean, you could still eat it.


Source: Instagram | @libbyruth

10. And from the Dark Side

We have mac and cheese with activated charcoal.


Source: Tastemade

11. An art project gone wrong

I still wonder how it tastes.


Source: Instgram | @NeilCroft

12. And the ultimate disgrace to macaroni and cheese

Not a bad joke, though.


Source: Fails
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