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People Are Embracing Their Natural Grey Hair And Look Gorgeous Doing So

People Are Embracing Their Natural Grey Hair And Look Gorgeous Doing So

Grey hair comes with age. Nobody can escape this phenomenon. However, lots of women nowadays are embracing their natural grey hair. Daenerys Targaryen style.

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Jessica Lnenicka is a photographer from Seattle. She enjoys pulling her hair up into a cute sleek ponytail and looks beautiful in it.

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Marci Beighley is proud of her hair. Her style is a pixie cut. A perfect fit. Concerning her hair, Marci said:

I started going gray as a teenager. It was a big hit in art school! I decided to dye my hair after having my second baby girl because I felt tired and was afraid my gray made me look tired too. It didn’t take long for me to realize it was a mistake! I’m 36 now with a full head of silver! I adore my gray and will never dye again!

Mildred Bean’s Instagram account is full of posts of her showing off her gorgeous curls. She is a life coach better known as @naturalsilversista.

All types of hairstyles out there and Wako, a fashionista based in Tokyo, opted for a bob cut to accentuate her silver hair.

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Look at how beautiful this updo by Kristina Beaty is! Also, Kristina owns a beauty salon in Detroit, Studio Glamour Hair Salon.

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Carla Kemp rocks her grey hair with close-cropped curls. She took to Instagram to share a picture of her look together with a hashtag #greyhairdontcare.

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You might know Lyn Slater for her edgy style. The founder of Accidental Icon is a living proof that aging doesn’t come with losing your spark for fashion.

Tutti Sutton went grey in her 30s. However, she comments on the matter and explains how proud she is of her hair. She has changed her hairstyle plenty of times. Fighting breast cancer with chemotherapy caused her to lose all of her hair, hence why Tutti said that her hair has been with her “through thick and thin.”

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