12 People And Their Epic Fake Tan Fails

The end justifies the means, they say. And this certainly holds true in our everlasting efforts to make ourselves look as good as possible. In this battle, we seem to be prepared to do anything: subject our bodies to an unbelievable amount of strain with grueling workouts, exhaust ourselves both physically and mentally with strict dieting and spend our hard earned cash on beauty products. You name it, we probably do it.

Since in recent years bronzy skin has become one of the things considered a mark of true beauty, we have obviously started doing the best we can to achieve that look. But for people who don’t live in tropical climates and going to the beach isn’t always a readily-available option, most of the time we have to make do. Which is where fake tans come in.

Fake tanning is now a million-dollar industry. Companies that make spray tans, bronzers, as well as tanning bed salons, are making a fortune on our need to keep up with the latest trends of what passes for beautiful. But, as with all things, so it is with the application of the fake tan. It’s tricky to get it right and very easy to overdo it. And when you do get it wrong, you will wish you’d never applied it at all, because you’ve achieved the exact opposite of what you intended. Instead of the nicely-bronzed complexion which is the result of absorbing the blessed combination of sun and sea, you turn a strange orange color which seemingly couldn’t have come from anywhere but a can.

Check out these 12 people who have had unfortunate fake tan experiences, courtesy of VT. And next time you consider doing it yourself, think carefully and proceed with caution.

1. The ‘sunbed goggles’ look

Credit: Jam Press

2. The ‘dirty feet’ look

Credit: Jam Press

3. The ‘tears streaming down my face’ look

Credit: Jam Press

4. The ‘stuck my face in a chocolate cake’ look

Credit: Jam Press

5. The ‘artistic’ look

Credit: Jam Press

6. The less severe ‘sunbed goggles’ look

Screenshot-2017-12-04-12.25.15 (1)
Credit: Jam Press

8. The ‘Ross Geller goes to the tanning salon’ look

Credit: Jam Press

9. The ‘I overdid it several tanning sessions ago’ look

Credit: Jam Press

10. The ‘Oompa Loompa wannabe’ look

Credit: Jam Press

11. The ‘you’ve got something on your nose’ look

Credit: Jam Press

12. The ‘I may have been born white but I identify as a black man’ look

Credit: Jam Press
Source: VT