These People Also Feel Like Never Exercising At All

Do you often exercise and have a regular workout time? Is fitness your passion? Is your body one of the things you pride yourself in? If every answer to these questions is ‘no’, you are in the right place. No one will judge your unwillingness to exercise. The pressure of having to work out can sometimes be a bit too much, don’t you think?

Yeah, a lot of people do it for good reasons, but is it really necessary? How many people do you know that are not exercising? Well, probably not many, if Instagram feeds and Facebook posts are a reliable indicator. But don’t feel bad, because these relatable posts will prove you are not alone. Here are some hilarious examples of people who just don’t feel like exercising at all and can be considered your soul brothers and sisters, brought to you by Diply.

1. Weightlifting looks like a painful thing to do!

That’s why you don’t even want to try it in the first place. You lift food into your mouth instead.


Source: The Randy Report

2. For you, a workout is getting up and down the stairs

And, also, picking up toys off the ground. No membership needed! Whatever works, right? At least you’ll get fitter as you get older.


Source: Twitter | @Marlebean

3. An in-house gym will work wonders for your body and creativity

You don’t always need fancy equipment to get a good workout. Sometimes, all you need is your energetic kid or your zen cat. The truth is that you just have to use what you’ve got. Although, it’s risky business with a cat.



4. Exercise reminds you of bacon. Here’s why…

It’s hard to stay on track when there are so many tempting foods out there! Where to start? For you, cheat days mean eating burgers every day.


Source: Picture Quotes

5. What doing crunches feels like for you

This happens too often, folks! Too bad naps don’t burn calories. If they did, I’d probably have a six-pack now.

Source: Diply | mindbodygreen | Twitter | @KirstenKing

If you do have the urge to exercise but don’t have time to get down to the gym, here are some exercises you can do at the office.

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