12+ People Whose Give-A-Damn-O-Meter Is Way Too Low

Each and every day, we face different expectations and a system of social norms a.k.a informal rules that dictate our actions and inhibit our individuality. And every time we try to meet such norms and follow the pack, there comes a time the level of damn-o-meter starts being low.

They say you either are born with a low level of giving a damn or, it comes with age. I guess I belong to both groups. I mean the world in which we are inhabitants, forces us to be someone we don’t really are. Eventually, there comes a time you realize that trying to fit into the unrealistic and impossible society’s standards, is just a waste of time.

I am not trying to incite anarchy here. I am just trying to say, that as long as nobody gets hurt, just do your own thing and disregard toxic people and their opinions!

Here are 17 pictures to not giving half a damn anymore:


1. “This is Carter. He knocked on my door to ask if he could have a banana then left.”

Source: Theone211


2. Does the give-a-damn meter go low with age? Yeah, I think so.

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3. The car just flipped, but they couldn’t care less. I mean, making memories is never too late.

Source: RMGNews/rydstein


4. When Jesus was born, Spiderman was present as well. Because, safety first, right?

Source: indigovisions


5. You. just. gotta. keep. smiling. no. matter. what.

Source: reddit


6. Marilyn Monroe, is that you?

Source: Noerdy


7. There has to be some balance. All gym and no alcohol makes grandma a dull girl.

Source: TaylorSatine


8. When you want to have background music wherever you go.

Source: surpasser


9. This guy’s flight got canceled, so that’s what he did.

Source: wave517


10. Can you just wait in line, please? I still have one game to play, duh!

Source: dortmunder


11. The perks of being a musician.

Source: savedbyiron


12. Oh, so there was a Hurricane Sandy? Cool. Let’s have a drink.

Source: blapowwwwah


13. Day 312. Romeo hasn’t shown up still.

Source: tiffanyweekes


14. “My friend was at the airport, and this old French woman was giving no f*cks.”

give a damn

Source: djTrip9


15. Cool people all over Florida.

give a damn

Source: Littlewing29


16. Haters gonna say this is photoshopped.

give a damn

Source: GallowBoob


17. These are engineers. They don’t care. Be like engineers!

give a damn

Source: carlaas
From: Boredpanda


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