27 People Blessed With Extremely Good Fortune

Some people are just born under a lucky star. Usually, where there is the potential for something to go wrong, the (in)famous Murphy’s Laws say it will definitely go wrong, and in the worst way possible. But if you’re one of those few people held in special regard by life itself, then you have nothing to worry about. You just wave at those moments as they pass you by.

You may say that the following 27 people had a close shave or that they’ve dodged a bullet. But one thing is for certain: they should count their lucky stars that fate has granted them the privilege of not belonging to this list. The gallery was first published by Diply.

1. With so many young girls adoring Justin Bieber, having not one, but two of your daughters disliking the whiny singer is akin to winning the lottery


Source: Reddit

2. When it simply isn’t your turn


Source: Reddit | felix33

3. Oh, what a relief… it would’ve been, if that first fortune wasn’t so obviously fake


Source: Reddit | blakblob

4. When nature itself is rooting for you. Hehe, rooting. Geddit?


Source: Imgur | ThatPickleOverThere

5. Remaining calm in situations like these requires very special train-ing


Source: Reddit | fanofstuff66

6. Praise the Lord for being able to think on your feet


Source: Imgur | iamdavidrigby

7. Crisis averted!


Source: Imgur | jefjac2003

8. That car may be stuck, but at least it’s not at the bottom of a ravine


Source: Reddit | zeb1

9. Just another proof that appearances can be deceiving and it’s what’s on the inside that counts


Source: Imgur | usernamenotrelevant

10. That guy’s real ray of sunshine…


Source: Imgur | reaaaally

11. How do you stop a charging rhino? You don’t, just move out of his way.


Source: Reddit | Scott_Bash

12. Nice try, even if it’s not very likely anyone would believe that


Source: Imgur | DarkSyed

13. Things like these really get under my skin


Source: Reddit | tinybell

14. You don’t need to beat your opponent, if you can make him beat himself


Source: Imgur | ThatOneMusicGuy

15. Not only was that a narrow escape, but he got some Gatorade out of it as well! Win-win!


Source: Twitter | @housel_emma

16. Product design flaw or epic trolling by the manufacturer


Source: Reddit | MLBM100

17. Well, it’s gonna be a bit too hard to take them after you’re ded…


Source: Reddit | daemoncel

18. Phew, someone could’ve had a really crappy night…


Source: Reddit | ccraddock

19. Yes, yes, good job on not using that instead of a toothpaste, but more importantly, you need a new toothbrush, pal.


Source: Reddit | Timeoffguy

20. Kids, always check who you’re texting – next time you need an excuse you may come up short…


Source: Instagram | @nikkeilaa

21. An impromptu knife-throwing act resulted in no injuries


Source: Imgur | nae6

22. Ugh, that would’ve been awful! You would’ve had to get up from your chair and go and get a new spoon, and ain’t nobody got time for that!


Source: Imgur | danceswithsarcasm

23. The saddest thing about this is that he forgot it was his dad’s birthday…


Source: Reddit | Art_Van_Delay

24. Why not use Tinder anymore? It matched two people who really have a lot in common!


Source: Instagram | @douch.e

25. Aww, so nice and thoughtful, offering to be his friend in times of need


Source: Instagram | @nochill

26. That’s how all the greatest inventions have come to be! By accident!


Source: Twitter | @WORLDSTAR

27. They were hit by, they were struck by… a smooth criminal!


Source: Reddit | alexdagreat15
Source: Diply

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