24 People Who Are Too Hardcore For Their Own Good

Some people are just so hardcore. They’re bold, and brave, and fierce, and they are not even the tiniest bit afraid to show you how they really feel and what they really think. So, if you do something to annoy them, you can be sure that retribution will be swift, and above all else, merciless. These people aren’t messing about! Another very important distinguishing trait of the aforementioned hardcore people is their affinity for daredevil acts. Nothing is too dangerous or too challenging: they will give anything a go. And if something is against the rules, then all the better! That’s just an added bonus! Because these people, they’re walking on the wild side, and there ain’t nothing that can stop them.

The people on this list are nothing like that, but they’d like to think they are. Here are 24 of these ‘mad-lads’, compiled by Aunty Acid. Prepare yourself, you have never before seen people behave in such daring and reckless manner!

1. Mr. Worldwide

Oh, no! Not Spanish! Where will they find someone who speaks Spanish to change it back?


2. Rules are for the weak

I’m not about to take orders from a bowl!


3. Perpetuum mobile

This guy just invented an infinite source of energy! Since the bread always falls on the buttered side, this will forever spin in circles and never actually fall! Boom! Money!


4. We’re going on an adventure!

Only fools actually plan where they’re going!


5. That’ll show those pesky policemen who’s boss!

The response from the Lawrence PD was priceless: “I’m sorry Blake, this is awkward, but that’s not a police car. You vaped in front of a water service vehicle.”

6. Dreaming big

Whoa, I hope you’ve got some protective gear, mate, cause boiling water in a pan is an extremely dangerous undertaking!


7. What a yoker

But he spent all afternoon yesterday giving each egg a name and background story. You know eggs must be eaten in alphabetical order! Now you’ve ruined everything!


8. Fruit loopy

Yes, I can see how you’d make that mistake. An Apple phone does look practically identical to an actual apple. Now was it really worth it ruining your charger cable for a little bit of attention?


9. Very mature

Stop that, Aidan! How dare you make fun of Anal Road?! It’s an important street, not some back-end alley!


10. The poker chip prank! Classic!

Lesser people would’ve put some toothpaste on his head, or placed his hand in a bowl of water, but these guys… they’re pros!


11. Does not compute

Do you want to break the Google? Because that’s how you break the Google!


12. Revenge is best served hot and with a slice of lemon

Oh, no! Poor Dad! He will have to drink a little bit more delicious tea than he meant to!


13. Slow news day at the local paper

He put that hat WHERE? On his head?! Unbelievable!


14. Close enough

When you’re not really a rocker and you can’t remember exactly which fingers are needed for the ‘rock on’ sign, but you give it a try anyway. What’s the worst that could happen? A few million people laughing at you on the Internet?


15. The things some people can get away with…

Owen comes up with the craziest ideas! A pen in his hair! Never heard of anything more ridiculous!


16. Excuses, excuses

Yeah, so, like, I wasn’t gonna eat this bowl of delicious chocolate ice cream, but mum dared me, so, like, I’m gonna have to do it now lol


17. Mischief managed!

The whole store’s gonna be in an uproar. The customers will panic, the employees will be out of their depth, pandemonium will ensue, and then no-one will come to that store again for fear of a repeat experience, and then it will have to close for good! Well done, you should really be proud of yourself!


18. When football brings out the worst in you

Congratulations, you just halved the value of the property.


19. Party hard and then party some more

There’s a lesson to be learned here, kids: don’t drink too much because otherwise someone might swap your lighter for another one


20. Someone call the fashion police!

So this is why every bar now checks your socks before they let you in! Next time you get away with something as devious as this, keep it a secret!


21. Pasta happens!

You should always carry a fork around with you wherever you go. You never know when a random bowl of pasta might appear!


22. When drunk you is more responsible than sober you

Alcohol may be bad for you, but it’s great for your house, apparently…


23. Tomayto, tomahto

If the authorities find out about this, you won’t be able to go near a tomato ever again! So be very very careful!


24. Break a leg!

No, I don’t mean it as ‘good luck,’ you could actually break a leg if you slip!


Source: auntyacid

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