People Are Purposely Making Their Nails Super Long For This Challenge And It Is Wild

People are constantly creating challenges, it seems like there’s always a train to jump into, getting out of your car while it’s moving and dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings”, putting 100 layers of nail polish, there are plenty of options out there. Since we’re talking about nails today, do you like having long or short nails? I am a person that cannot function with short nails. People always ask me: How can you do stuff with them? Do you they get in your way? The answer is I love them, I like painting them, having them long brings me this sort of self-confidence I don’t have if they’re shorter. But the thing is at some point if they’re longer than the length that I usually have, doing things with them does indeed become more difficult.

And that is the whole entire point of this new challenge going around on the internet. I don’t know if you guys have seen it but it is really interesting. People are wearing long nails and trying to do things with them throughout the day.

This makeup artist does her makeup routine with fake, long nails and you can see right from the beginning, it is not easy to do.

people nails super long challenge

However, she makes it work.

people nails super long challenge

And her makeup looks better than I would have done if I did the challenge.

people nails super long challenge

Check the video below.


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This next person is a Youtuber.

people nails super long challenge

She documents her experience with the long nails challenge. She also shares a clip of herself putting the fake nails on.

people nails super long challenge

The nails for the challenge have to be long enough for it to be difficult to do anything with them.

people nails super long challenge

And to make them look pleasing to look at, the Youtuber also paints them. With a gold nail polish.

people nails super long challenge

Check out her video down below.


The next one is also a Youtuber, she is an 11-year-old and she does the challenge also.

people nails super long challenge

Check out her video below.

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Have you seen this new challenge going around, what do you think of it? Will you be trying it or not?

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