People Are Obsessed With Chris Pratt’s New Dad Bod

Dad bod all the way!

You might be familiar with the term dad bod — the popular slang referring to male bodies with a ‘softly round’ shape, not too fat nor skinny. Long story short, a manly body with chest hair and all that has become one of the hottest commodities, and all thanks to male celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Pierce Brosnan, Vince Vaughn, and recently, Chris Pratt.

chris pratt dad bod
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Yup, it seems like  Chris Pratt is back again with the ol’ dad bod and he’s never looked better. Okay, maybe he did look better at the Guardians of the Galaxy ( image below), but still, we love a man with a little something extra to hold on to.

chris pratt dad bod
Marvel Studios

The most recent pictures of Chriss Pratt on holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger, show the actor with a bit of extra weight. Maybe he’s fed up with the gym, or it’s for a new role, either way, we’re totally okay with that. I mean, it’s not like we’re looking any better after all the holiday dinners.

His fans on Twitter are absolutely loving his ‘new look,’ though. Check some of the best tweets regarding his dad bod.

Chris Pratt has got his dad bod back and I’m here for it…

Another fan wrote:

Chris Pratt and his new dad bod is giving me liiiiiifeeee [sic]

This fan seems to be loving the view, writing ‘Good morning to Chris Pratt’s dad bod and Chris Pratt’s dad bod only.’

It’s like everyone’s New Year resolution was Chris Pratt’s dad bod…

Chris Pratt and his dad bod is the absolute greatest start to 2019

Wonder what Chris Pratt is going to think when he gets back from vacation and finds out Twitter is obsessed with his dad bod.



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Source: Unilad