10+ People Who Prove That Age Really IS Just A Number

“Life begins at 40”?

More like life begins after 60… at least for the people we are about to show you.

These people are the very definition of aging gracefully. They prove that age really is just a number, and if you have a passion for something it’s never too late to start pursuing it.


1. Linda Rodin

This 69-year-old stylist from New York worked as a model for years before she turned to photography. But her career really took off when she took up modeling again after she turned 60, and quickly went on to appear on the cover of several magazines, was featured in different commercials, and was the face of numerous acclaimed brands.

She credits her success at this age to accepting the fact that aging is natural and embracing it.


2. Jeffry Life

At 79, Jeffry proves it’s never too late to turn your life around. The New York therapist and body-builder used to suffer from obesity, so much that even tying his shoes or making a short walk was difficult for him. Now, as you can see he is completely transformed, keeps in shape by hitting the gym and Thai boxing, and has three best-selling books under his belt.

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3. Daphne Selfe

Daphne used to be a model in her youth, doing commercials and appearing on magazine covers. When she got married she left her modeling career behind, but after her husband passed away when she was 70 she made her return to the fashion business.

Now, at 89 years old she is the oldest model still working and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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4. Doris Long

Doris Long is a 102-year-old woman who at 99 held the Guinness World Record for the Oldest Abseiler in the World. She does industrial mountaineering and for years she has raised money for The Rowans Hospice by abseiling.

age is just a number
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5. Sarah Jane Adams

Sarah Jane Adams is a 63-year-old woman from Sydney. She has 176k followers on her Instagram account, where she posts pictures showing off her incredible sense of style, and is also the owner of Sara Mai Jewels, a jewelry brand, and a model repped by IGM Fashion House.


6. Yvonne Daulin

90-year-old Yvonne Daulinhas more poise and elegance than you and I ever will. A figure skater, she participates in skating competitions all over the United States even though after a car crash ten years ago she was told by doctors to quit it.

Safe to say, she didn’t listen.

age is just a number
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7. Pavel Rezvoy

When Pavel Rezvoy was 65 in 2004 he became the first person to cross the Atlantic on a rowing boat. He followed up his success by becoming the third person to cross the Indian Ocean in 2005, and the second person in the world to cross two oceans.

age is just a number
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8. Annette Larkins

Believe it or not, the woman in the picture below was 71 when the picture was taken. Annette Larkins is now 76 but still looks just as good.

What’s her secret? Well, she credits her youthful looks to a raw food diet she took up when she was 40 – vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and herbs. She also cut off all processed food as well as meat and dairy.

age is just a number
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9. Deirdre Larkin

Deirdre Larkin is an 86-year-old woman who has taken part in a number of marathons despite being told by her doctors to move as little as possible. When she was 68 she was diagnosed with osteoporosis and after trying different medications and injections for ten years that all proved to be useless, when she was 78 she started running with her son. Now, her osteoporosis is practically cured and she does four miles of running every morning.

age is just a number
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10. Iris Apfel

This interior & fashion designer is 96 years old, a New Yorker style icon and a businesswoman. She has 40 years experience in interior design, including orders from the White House.

Othe than that, she’s always had a passion for clothes and collected them from the age of 12. She is also co-founder of the textile firm Old World Weavers (which is now closed) and in 2016 was the face of Australian brand Blue Illusion.

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11. Heidi Hetzer

You could definitely say 80-year-old Heidi Hetzer is a free spirit… and a badass. When she was younger she was a car racer and later owner of one of the biggest car retail stores in Berlin. when she was 76 she went on a mission to repeat the worldwide journey of Cläre Stinnes, a famous car racer.

On her 1930 Hudson Great Eight, she set off on June 27, 2014, from Berlin and finished her journey the next year on March 12.


12. Baddie Winkle

This 90-year-old woman from Kentucky has 3.7 million followers on her Instagram account, more than a lot of celebrities.

She shot to fame after her granddaughter posted a video of her which went viral. Once Baddie set up her own Instagram account followers started pouring in (even Rihanna follows her), as well as sponsored deals. It’s easy to see why she’s so loved, with her eccentric outfits and positive personality.


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