Some Of These People Got It Right And Some Got It Pretty Wrong

The key to almost everything in nature is balance. That’s the case with this list too, courtesy of Diply. There are some people that are super geniuses and they always come up with simple and creative ways to solve a problem. And, then, on the other hand, there are some people that are almost the complete opposite.

Scroll down to see the list of people that either got it so right that you want to give them a high five or got it so wrong that it hurts.

1. This lady has flying all figured out

She probably travels so much that she has come up with the ultimate sleeping-while-flying routine.


Twitter | @Playing_Dad

2. The owner of the very best boy

This could literally make you cry. The dog’s happy face is saying it all.

Reddit | mjmesco

3. The person who made this genius display

After all, it is the ‘Mystery’ genre. We wish that every bookstore did this.

Reddit | GunnedOutlaw

4. This sassy boss who isn’t wrong

They are still looking after you, this is one of the healthiest donuts ever.

Instagram | @will_ent

5. This duo and the perfect recreation


Reddit | peanutgonuts

6. A mom who knows exactly what’s up

All the parents should learn this lesson of parenting. And, this mom gets an A+.


Reddit | Timmytimtims

7. Whoever wrote this headline

This is the best choice of words. Those who were involved with this news channel have nailed it.


Reddit | elsewhere1

8. The dad who gives his kids $100 in cash every Christmas in the most creative ways.

This year he literally made it rain.


Twitter | @ElenaRehberg

9. Drunk Kath makes good choices

Almost all of us wish that our-drunk-selves were this thoughtful.


Instagram | @officialthebestoftumblr

10. The brother who knows that first impressions matter

This is a really thoughtful idea and it also proves that he is definitely one of the best uncles in the world.

Reddit | MoonwalkerD

11. The person who realized that product placement is key

Whoever thought of this, really well played.


Imgur | KingDeathstalker

12. This person who is surely about to make someone’s day.

There should be more people like this.


13. We are not sure if this person got it right or wrong

Well, since you can’t always eat cereal at home, this is one way to make it portable. But, at least take a spoon.


Twitter | @JacobAlfieri

14. But at least they didn’t get it as wrong as this person

However, it is slightly admirable.


15. This person who was so close, yet so far

This is so cruel and frustrating.


Reddit | burn23notice

16. Whoever tried to bake these BFFs

Unfortunately, this tasty idea has gone horribly wrong.

Tumblr | demotivatecubby

17. The designer of this mug

Well, also the person who purchased it.

Reddit | ArticulateHobo

18. This budding nail artist

Even the colors don’t match.

Reddit | kaypricot

19. A person who really should have read the product description

The same chair but different size.

Instagram | @cohmedy

20. This chef in the making


Twitter | @Cparros
Source: Diply