16 Times People On Snapchat Gave Us A Good Chuckle

What do you think is the greatest benefit we’ve gotten out of social media? Is it the speed of communication? Having news reach us almost as soon as they happen? Or is it the fact that it provides a platform for silly people to share their epic fails with the world and give everyone a much-needed chuckle? I’m somehow leaning towards this last one. Especially when faced with a collection of funny Snapchats like this one, compiled by Diply.

Granted, not all the pics on here are of people failing miserably. Some are just random weirdness that surely happens to everyone, but one that luckily was immortalized in a Snapchat. You know, those bizarre anecdotes that back in ye olden days, might have taken you a moment to consider whether you really want to tell your friends and family. But nowadays there’s no time to waste thinking when there are all those likes to collect out there!

Here’s 16 times Snapchat made us sharply exhale air through our noses in amusement, or maybe even laugh out loud!

1. If your relationship can survive the “drunk photo shoot”, you can rest assured it can survive anything


Source: Twitter | @marissanpadilla

2. It’s a small world after all!


Source: Twitter | @Bishsicle

3. Probably because they know they’ll either never get them back, or they will, but with their tops chewed off


Source: Twitter | @wallahi

4. You know there’s a reason for dividers between the desks right? How dare you breach the sacred isolationism of the office?!


Source: Twitter | @Luke_Laehy

5. When you work hard to get over your insecurities and then a goddamn filter destroys your fragile self-confidence


Source: Reddit | iamjoyrai

6. If only real schools were as much fun! Who wouldn’t want to study about that time Obama got a boob job?


Source: Sarcasm Society

7. Kids these days, with their technology and their horrifying face… shapeshifting!


Source: Imgur | sethxgorton

8. Oh God, not the spoon! Please, use the chancla, but not the spoon!


Source: Runt

9. How to sneak in booze where you shouldn’t. Hopefully, you won’t bite the bottle and break your teeth…


Source: Twitter | @jodiekinzzz

10. And he was never heard from again


Source: Twitter | @GiveItUp4_Ty

11. You would without a doubt make the worst secret agent ever


Source: Runt

12. I really don’t see how that could work unless you shower with boiling water, and yet I’m still curious about the outcome of this experiment


Source: Reddit | whenlifegivesukiwis

13. It’s hardly a fair fight when one of them has an obvious advantage! It’s all in the beard!


Source: Reddit | 888andtheHeartbreaks

14. Well, making this advance certainly put him in the limelight! Hahaha! Lime-light! High five! No? Okay…


Source: Reddit | SilentGatorade

15. Milkshakes don’t work anymore! All the boys are now busy playing video games or browsing dank memes!


Source: Reddit | canyewknot

16. And some left-wing politics for all of you political humor lovers!


Source: Runt
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