People Who Went A Bit Too Far With Their Eyebrows

Eyebrows have come a long way. Years before, people seemed to have fancied plucking their eyebrows in a thinner shape, meanwhile, nowadays, all you can see is people who are all into the thick type of eyebrows (who can blame them, really?). Anyhow, each person has their own eyebrow shape, and how they decide to pluck them is completely up to whatever they think best suits their face and preferences.

But we have witnessed through time people who have gone quite bold with their eyebrows – overplucking them, overfilling them, and whatnot. However, you can scroll below to see a collection of pictures that tell us the way eyebrow trends and people’s preferences have evolved.


1. Someone went a bit too high

people who went too far with their eyebrows

Photo Credit: Imgur


2. Someone seems to have overdone them… I think.

people who went too far with their eyebrows

Photo Credit: Talkwitchytome / Reddit


3. They are almost to the point of non-existence. But preferences vary, so.

Photo Credit: GuilderChic / Reddit


4. Someone tried to hard to the point of photoshop. Well, it’s the effort that matters, isn’t it?

Photo Credit: kittylee33 / Reddit


5. If you’re into appearing unique and getting all the attention, this woman has the solution for you.

Photo Credit: woke_brontosaurus / Reddit


6. A bit of a 10-year eyebrow evolution.

Photo Credit: honeytaps / Reddit


7. If you’re unsure of how to stand out.

Photo Credit: nootarobot / Reddit


8. That’s a no from me.

Photo Credit: UrbanGypsyG / Reddit


9. I just think they need to be a bit closer to each other, you know…

Photo Credit: fatalfoxtrot / Reddit


10. Wait, why?

Photo Credit: mzreletivity / Reddit


11. I love it when I see people have improved.

Photo Credit: petitenouille / Reddit


12. On the bright side, the baby is not yet old enough to need eyebrow advice.

Photo Credit: mystness / Reddit


13. Prom eyebrows gone… wrong?

Photo Credit: Banananabri / Reddit


14. Well, she does look a bit angry.

Photo Credit: zveginas / Reddit


15. They look to me like two horizontal commas.

Photo Credit: TangyTemper / Reddit


16. We had horizontal commas and now we have horizontal square brackets? Cool.

Photo Credit: macbitch / Reddit


17. Seems like it doesn’t take her much effort to get her eyebrows done in the morning.

Photo Credit: nickles69 / Reddit


18. Uhm, why all that highlight though?

Photo Credit: charliecoll90 / Reddit


19. Practice makes perfect.

Photo Credit: marryacomputer / Reddit


20. Last but not least. Cat, get yourself together and practice on your eyebrows skills.

Photo Credit: raviax / Reddit

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