12+ People Who Were Definitely Born Lucky

There are lucky people, and then there are extremely lucky people. Unluckily, neither I belong to the former, nor I belong to the latter.

From something simple that will cheer you up to managing to survive life-threatening situations, luck takes the most unexpected forms. And what do you do in those situations?! Well, snap a picture and tell the world, of course, and maybe you’ll pass that luck along to the others.

Today we’re sharing the stories of some people who got hella lucky and beat all odds against normal circumstances, in some cases even death.

1. This person here is not just lucky, he’s super-lucky. Here’s a five-leaf clover for you.

Photo Credit: © Gorge-W-Gush / reddit

2. “Found this locked safe under the carpet of an estate home I recently purchased.”

Photo Credit: © upsidefirstdown / reddit

3. When the vending machine decides to surprise you.

Photo Credit: © mdaniel018 / reddit

4. Triple-yolk egg. Definitely not something you see every day.

Photo Credit: © azucchini / reddit

5. The face of a man who found a chunk of quartz worth $4 million.

Photo Credit: © reddit

6. What are the chances!!

Photo Credit: © showmegashow / pikabu

7. “These coins stopped a bullet and saved my great-grandfather’s life during World War I.”

Photo Credit: © Fadawah / reddit

8. When you accidentally shred a receipt that still needed to record but life decides to give you another chance.

Photo Credit: © bebejeng / reddit

9. If this isn’t the luckiest person ever…

Photo Credit: © Stratostheory / reddit

10. “The Great Wall… I was fortunate enough to go on a tour where there were virtually no other people. The sun had not hit the Mongolian side so it was still covered in snow from the night before”

Photo Credit: © Gold-Lame / reddit

11. Hey, as long as it works it doesn’t matter how it looks.

Photo Credit: © Shurupik / pikabu

12. Luck was definitely on their side that day.

people who were born lucky
Photo Credit: © VALAN / pikabu

13. “My wallet came with $2 inside.” Wish all wallets would come like this.

people who were born lucky
Photo Credit: © nickykeeng / reddit

14. That moment when your change at the story is a 104-year-old dime.

people who were born lucky
Photo Credit: © Glitch247 / reddit

15. This is what happiness looks like.

people who were born lucky
Photo Credit: © Fengal / pikabu

16. This 100% discount would’ve made my day.

people who were born lucky
Photo Credit: © isimpsonss / pikabu

17. When you buy a used board game and find jewelry worth thousands of dollars in there. Lucky is an understatement.

people who were born lucky
Photo Credit: © AisLip / pikabu

Do you have such stories to share? If so, hit us up in the comments’ section below!

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