12+ Pictures So Perfectly Timed, You’d Think Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You

While sometimes we try the hardest to capture the perfect moment, other times, all it takes is being in the right place, at the right moment. Yup, we’re talking about the perfectly timed pictures. And it doesn’t take a professional photographer to capture these moments.

What’s more, we are on our phones basically most of the day, so I’d say chances of snapping a perfectly timed picture are pretty high. Or you could be in one. Either way, it would be priceless.

Today we’ve rounded up the most hilarious moments shared by people, and honestly, they deserve some kind of award. Scroll down to see the magic happen.


1. Does this count as a double hit?

Source: © aldahuda / reddit

2. Boy, wouldn’t you want this to be true?

Source: © /duke_cat_mage / reddit

3. How many fingers are there?!

Source: © Renegade_Meister / reddit

4. Another thieving seagull…

Source: © jammasterdj / reddit

5. I mean, he made it halfway through…

Source: © -Marko- / reddit

6. Talk about perfect reflexes.

Source: © arbili / reddit

7. Uh oh, someone’s about to go down.

Source: © dwimback / reddit

8. Thieving seagulls back at it again, but this time he didn’t consider his weight lifting skills.

Source: © GallowBoob / reddit

9. Abandon hope all ye who climb here…On another note, have you ever seen flying glasses?!

Source: © YourMomsNext / reddit

10. Seconds before everything went to hell…

Source: © warulkawa / reddit

11. Who’s a good boy?!!

Source: © dwimback / reddit

12. Uh oh, I guess luck was not on her side today.

12+ perfectly timed pictures
Source: © Afzelia / reddit

13. Ladies and gents, I think we have a winner for the best selfie award!

12+ perfectly timed pictures
Source: © Meowsilbub / reddit

14. “Dogzilla”

12+ perfectly timed pictures
Source: © JacksFaith / reddit

15. Oops! Mom’s not going to like this…

12+ perfectly timed pictures
Source: © pacilandra / reddit

16. Failing miserably…

12+ perfectly timed pictures
Source: © meepsmops / reddit

Do you have any similar pictures we can add to the collection? Feel free to share them in the comments section.


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