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Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Makeup – Eyebrows

Eyebrows shape and define the face. If your brows are not nicely shaped, tweezed, threaded or waxed, then everything seems to go wrong. While many have the eyebrows they want, others would want theirs to be better, or want their shape changed. Filling your eyebrows in every morning before work, while it may seem a simple step, it is very crucial for a lot of people. What if I told you that permanent makeup will permanently make your eyebrows perfectly shaped and defined? 

WebMD considers permanent makeup cosmetic tattooing. It is the micro-implantation of color pigments into the skin, and it usually occurs for aesthetic reasons.

This makeup procedure has been famous over the years. Permanent makeup will enhance your features, give shape and definition.  A lot of people don’t want to deal with fixing their brows every day and making them even. This method has been a lifesaver for many people who have sparse eyebrows, eyebrows that are too light, or who ultimately are not happy with how they look.

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How The Procedure Goes

While the procedure is described as permanent, the tattooing on the eyebrows just as any other part of the skin is going to fade with time. You may be suggested to go back for a touch-up. Schedule your appointment near the weekend or take a few days off of work or school. The healing time is going to take a little while but, no worries your eyebrows will look perfectly shaped and defined afterward. Make sure to always research and consult with a professional before you decide to do it.

permanent makeup eyebrows
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Here is what you need to know before:

  • Typically a numbing cream will be applied on your brows so the pain will subside.
  • The procedure usually takes 30 up 120 minutes.
  • It is not recommended to tweeze, wax, thread at least two days prior to the procedure.
  • If you use any hair removal creams for your eyebrows then stop using them two weeks prior
  • Laser hair removal as well
  • Any botox appointments should be rescheduled two weeks after the permanent makeup

During the procedure, iron oxide is tattooed on the skin with the help of a sterilized pen which creates defined, shaped and full eyebrows.

Post Procedure

After the procedure is done, don’t except your eyebrows to immediately look the way they are supposed to. Contrary to what many would think it does take time to heal, so don’t worry, everything will fall into place with time. The color will not stay the same as just right after the procedure.

permanent makeup
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What should I be careful about after the procedure?

  • Do not scratch, rub, wipe or scrub the area. Use patting motions.
  • Except some itching but resist to it.
  • You will be given a suggested ointment to use over the tattooed eyebrows.
  • Careful while sleeping for a few days.
  • The eyebrows might get crusted so careful do not peel it. It will fall off on its own.
  • The swelling will go down within a couple of days and the lines will become thinner and softer.

The healing time is usually very easy when you get your eyebrows done, however, it all depends on the person. Do your research. You are expected to go back to normal, back to work or school within a couple of days.

Whatever you decide, make sure that it is best for you. Eyebrows are too precious.


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