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Permanent Makeup: Everything You Need To Know – Pros And Cons

The number of times I wished I had my eyeliner done for me in the morning before work is endless. Those extra minutes of sleep in the morning are the best. Besides, not having to worry about your makeup being smudged throughout the day or wondering if it’s uneven can be a lifesaver. Nowadays there is probably a procedure for anything you can think of. Do you want eyebrows on fleek? People who have sparse brows, non-existent ones, or maybe they are just not happy with the way they look. There is a solution. You can even get your lips tinted into the shade you want.

WebMD considers permanent makeup cosmetic tattooing. It is the micro-implantation of color pigments into the skin, and it usually occurs for aesthetic reasons. Over the years it has had its own fair share of doubt, but recently it’s being discussed and done as a procedure more and more every day. Even though eyeliner is considered to be one of the most requested permanent makeup procedure, you can get your eyebrows and your lipstick done. Permanent makeup is perfect for people who have cataracts, arthritis, sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease. Even for people who are struggling to put makeup on and might have any sort of allergies towards it. Permanent makeup is used to cover up scars which is much like covering up with tattoos.

Want to know about what permanent makeup is? What are the pros and cons? Then keep on scrolling.

permanent makeup
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As I mentioned before getting permanent makeup on is just like getting tattooed on. You can get your eyebrows done, lips, eyeliner. It is important to be fully informed.

How does permanent makeup work?

Permanent makeup mimics eyeliner, lipstick, and darkened eyebrows. Iron oxide is tattoed on the skin with the help of a pen which creates a fresh makeup look. The procedure may take from 30 to 120 minutes and numbing cream is usually put on the client prior. Though the term “permanent” may be a reason why you would consider not going under this procedure, just like a tattoo, the mark will not be removed from the skin just like that, however, with time it will fade and can be removed with laser tattoo removal.

Even though tattooing and permanent makeup can have similarities, they can be very different from each other, since permanent makeup has to be done by specialists only.

As Permanentmakeup states, it is called permanent cosmetics because it can’t be removed by “washing it.” There are factors that can speed up the fading of the tattooed makeup such as spending many days at the beach, being exposed to solar radiation or swimming in the ocean. It is important to know that even though in the beginning the perm will look darker and a little crazy it will eventually calm down and set in your skin.

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permanent makeup
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Pros Of Permanent Makeup

When you think of it the benefits of permanent makeup are quite helpful in the long run.

  • It is time-saving.
  • You will have that perfect, non-smudged makeup look all day, every day.
  • Helps in case you have allergies towards the usual, traditional makeup.
  • Can also help people who might be suffering from sensitive skin.
  • Can define the features of the face.
  • Overall people who might have any other sort of difficulties while applying makeup.

Even if the pros of permanent makeup are definitely some to consider and help quite a lot, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come without its cons.

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Cons Of Permanent Makeup

  • A disadvantage to permanent makeup can be the pain and discomfort you might have to go through while doing the procedure. Even though numbing cream is going to help, the area around the eyes and close to the lash line is extra sensitive, so this is what you can consider before giving it try.
  • Even if you have sensitive skin and are trying to avoid regular makeup, keep in mind that the permanent makeup procedure may irritate the skin even more than the regular one. It’s important to consult with a dermatologist or even skip permanent makeup altogether.
  • Whenever there are needles involved the possibilities of having an infection is always there. Non-sterilized needles are risky and it’s important to do lots of research before using anything on the face. Ask the professional person how they sterile their needles.
  • There can be complications such as swelling, bleeding or crusting.
  • It can be expensive. But considering the fact that it is quite a complex procedure, this downside is something you need to get the best practitioner you can find.

While there are always positive and negative sides to any procedures, what we can recommend is consulting and choosing a professional because everybody is different. People can have several reactions to specific things, you are unique and what works for other people might not work for you. Research, consult and do what you think is best for you.

Touch Ups

Even though it is called permanent makeup it can fade with time, and depending on the person it can be recommended to get touched up so it doesn’t lose its freshness. You are also required to skip doing any facial treatments since it can cause it to fade.



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