This Person On Facebook Has The Best Idea For Fighting Floods

Hurricane season is almost over, but brace yourselves – it’s not over yet. There will be more in the future. And good citizens are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to everyone’s safety, and sharing useful ideas.

One such person who’s not afraid of the Weather Gods is Edward Obediah Sweat, from Florida. While everyone was busy panicking, this person had a simple, but genius idea, and it was shared more than a hundred thousand times on Facebook. And it’s not useful just for people from Florida or the United States – Sweat’s post has reached people all around the world.

Sweat posted the following, simple tip on Facebook, illustrating it with an image:

Thanks to Diply for sharing.

“Plastic bags 1/3 filled with water make good substitutes for sandbags at doorways.”


Source: Facebook | Elizabeth Schmitt

But what does this do, you might be wondering? Well, these water bags are more efficient than sandbags for sealing flood waters from coming inside your house. And wreaking havoc.

But he had other ideas too, like for example, saving your furniture: “Paint cans or 5-gallon buckets can support and elevate your furniture if you are going to get water in your house.”

Okay. Sweat is a genius alright! But he has another idea, this time about clothes:

“Wear clothes to bed — nothing looks worse than seeing people on the news in waterlogged nightgowns and boxer shorts.”

Next? Here’s an idea about how to bolster your garage door’s defenses in its war against flooding:

“Use duct tape to seal your garage door to the floor to prevent water intrusion.”


“Wear hard-soled shoes and gloves if you wade in water,” Sweat added.

Hard-soled shoes and gloves are crucial during flooding because they’ll keep you safe in case the water is an electric chair. Due to, you know, appliances connecting to it?

Thanks, man.


“Everyone should have an I.D., a whistle, and a flashlight on them once the rain comes,” suggests Sweat, because it will make you easier to be found when disaster strikes. After all, those rescue teams need to be able to see you and hear you, you know. They’re not telepaths!

But Mr. Sweat is, because he’s reading rescuers’ minds:

“Have a queen or king-sized white flat sheet to signal to help from boats and helicopters,” he added.

Flapping it like this might even help, who knows.


But here’s another important idea: “If you get water up to your electrical outlets or you evacuate, trip the main breaker,” wrote Sweat. And it can be a real life-saver. Mr. Sweat said that once a person died because they were electrocuted.

So keep those switches OFF people!


Source: Laurie March Home

And finally, think in advance for a way out if nature gets angry all of a sudden. Sweat suggests the following:

“Map out a couple escape paths, leave before these become flooded.”


You know, he ain’t wrong! And his advice can potentially save thousands of people. So stay informed, dry, warm and safe people.


Source: Facebook | Elizabeth Schmitt
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