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12 Hacks On How To Personalize Your Rented Apartment

12 Hacks On How To Personalize Your Rented Apartment

For the past five years, I have been living in rented apartments and to be honest, every experience differed from each other. An apartment is a place where you will be spending most of your time in, and it should be as cozy and feel home-ish if you want to be able to fully enjoy it. Personalizing the interior of it sound easy peasy but actually, it depends on two crucial things: how much space it has and how openminded the landlord is. Hopefully, when you rent an apartment, these are two things you don’t have to worry about. I know, you’re paying for the space, and you’d think you’d have the right to do anything with it, but that’s really not how it goes. So, before starting to restructure your new apartment, it is best to speak to the landlord and see whether they’re okay with it or not.

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But what if I were to tell you that there is something you can do about it?

Follow me and learn about these hacks and projects you can easily do.


1. Swap out kitchen hardware.

What really makes a difference in a kitchen are the knobs and handles of the drawers. They have a purpose and changing them for functional ones is a great idea. What you can do is swap them back before you leave the apartment.

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Camylla Battani | Unsplash


2. Cover up ugly wire shelves.

Guess what? You can easily make plywood covers for the wire shelves of your apartment without having to completely get rid of them. Just follow Today’s Creative Ideas’ tutorial and you’re good to go.

Today’s Creative Ideas.


3. Update old appliances to look like stainless steel.

Old appliances, even if they’re functional, they may give you the feeling of uneasiness. But, worry not as the blogger Julie Blanner has a trick for you. All you need is a roll of faux stainless steel to make them appear as new.

Julie Blanner


4. Doubling up your hangers.

When you live in a tiny apartment, you try out everything you can to make more space for your clothes and for everything else. Here’s a trick you can easily pull off with the help of pop tabs. Use them on your hangers to have the second row of clothes!!!

The Chic Site


5. Easy-to-remove wallpaper with fabric and starch.

Removable wallpaper? Yes, please! Sara D. has an amazing tutorial that will help you out with it. It shows how simple it is to use liquid starch to secure the fabric tightly onto the wall.

Sincerely, Sara D.


Just pick out the fabric you like most and get to work.

Sincerely, Sara D.


6. Vinyl is a great way to add stripes to walls.

You want your walls to have stripes but your landlord doesn’t agree? Simply use vinyl and you’re good to go. It is a little difficult to pull off, but with a helping friend, you can manage it in no time.

The Homes I Have Made


The best part about this? It easily comes off when it’s time for you to go.

The Homes I Have Made


7. Create a shiplap wall.

Aren’t these everyone’s dream? No damage is caused to the apartment and there’s very little cleanup necessary when you move out. Just follow through the instructions.

Mr. Kate


Be as creative as you want.

Mr. Kate


8. Hang a pendant light in a dark space.

Make use of Command Hooks in a whole new way. Simply string the power cord down a hidden corner and then just plug it onto the wall.

Girl Meets Apartment


It’s an ideal solution for spaces that don’t have much natural light.

Girl Meets Apartment


9. Hang baskets in the kitchen.

The good thing about tension rods is that their lengths are different. What I mean to say is that if there is no space like this in your apartment, set up the tension rod between two walls.

See Also

Instructables | W1LL7


10. Countertop with marble contact paper.

The countertop in your kitchen is something that catches your eye immediately. With a little bit of patience and hard work, you can make it look brand new with the help of contact paper.

Make Do And DIY


11. Improve blinds with faux Roman shades.

Personally, I pay a lot of attention to how my windows look, so when I ran into this idea by The DIY Playbook, you can imagine how happy I was. They have a simple tutorial on how you can incorporate these without drilling any holes on the walls.

The DIY Playbook


I’m definitely saving this trick from The DIY Playbook for my next apartment, though.

The DIY Playbook


12. Make a no-nail gallery wall with Command Strips.

Command Strips are here to help you out! It’s easy to decorate the walls of your apartment with them as they require no holes. The Homes I Have Made shows us just how we can hang pieces of art all over without making any ‘mess’.

The Homes I Have Made


This one requires a little patience but it is all worth it. Here’s what you should do. First, put the artwork where you want to ‘hang’ it and then take the frame down for a couple of days. This way, you will give the adhesive time to cure and it will stay on longer.

personalize apartment
The Homes I Have Made


Do you have any tips or tricks to share with us? Please do so in the comments section.


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