12+ People Who Got A Picture As Well As A Photobomb With Celebrities

Ever been able to take a picture with a famous person? I am talking about a real celebrity, not about the most famous person in your neighborhood. The thing about taking the perfect picture with a famous person is that it can’t happen. That is mostly because you never know when or where you will run into them. And you never know just how to act or pose. And if all of these things weren’t enough, often times the celebrities themselves can mess things up by doing something weird on camera.

Here’s a compilation of pictures where people who got pictures with famous people but also ended up being photobombed.


1. “As I snapped the selfie, I told Samuel L. Jackson to pose how he really felt about doing these kinds of things.”

Source: © mobyrich/reddit.com


2. “My friend met Beyoncé in New Orleans. She said, ’Whatever face you make, I’ll make.’ ”

Source: © MarchMadnessisMe/reddit.com


3. An almost perfect selfie with Bill Clinton.

Source: © orochi/reddit.com


4. “My friend was having fun at a bar and met Tom Hanks there. He took his glasses, put them on, and fell asleep.”

Source: © groucho29/reddit.com


5. “So, Nicolas Cage came to our restaurant and ordered champagne. How could this happen?”

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6. “The best selfie in my life.”

Source: © iBleeedorange/reddit.com


7. And he flies economy class!

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8. “Girls, let’s all say cheeese!”

Source: Mix FM Lebanon


9. “Here’s a pic of Bill Murray staring at my boobs. This is the only picture I have with him. Enjoy. Thank my aunt.”

Source: © ludwigmiesvanderrohe/reddit.com


10. This place offered free meals to Liam Neeson as a joke, and he came!

Source: © frmacleod/reddit.com


11. “Met Peter Dinklage at the X-Men Days of Future Past NYC premiere. I’m 6′ 6”, so he decided to take a selfie with me when I asked for a photo. The result is awesome.”

Source: © wolivernyc/imgur.com


12. Ed Sheeran fan meeting


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13. “The time I was a little nervous to meet Morgan Freeman.”

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14. When you went to school and accidentally met the prince:

Source: © Jack Raspin‏/twitter.com


15. “Adam Sandler recognized me and took a picture with me when I made a post about me on Reddit. Guess who is who.”

Source: © therealmaxkessler/reddit.com


16. Happy fans — sad Kanye West.

Source: © elatablequote/twitter.com


17. “Looks like Rihanna wasn’t really happy to see me.”

photobomb celebrities

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18. Sophie Turner was amazed to have Ryan Gosling sitting behind her.


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