Photographer Who Captures The Visual Symphony Of Waves Throughout Years

If you are someone who gets easily mesmerized by the magic of the ocean and its waves, then you are just on the right page to get familiar with some photographs of a devoted Australian photographer. His name is Ray Collins. Ray has turned his love of the sea into a career with his stunning wave photography. We’ve watched for years as the colorblind photographer advanced his career. Most recently with his collaborative cinemagraphs, and previously with his series Seascapes.

He used to work as a coal miner, but he left his job in 2007 and bought himself the first camera to pursue his passion. Collins has already collaborated with big names, such as National Geographic, Vogue, Patagonia, Apple, and Nikon. What’s very unique and fascinating about his shots, it the descriptive capturing of the unique power of water. His pictures are a proof of how he views the world from his standpoint, and they reflect a lot since they are lovingly captured to show elements in every stage of life—”from calm and languid to rough and clamorous water.” The artistic visuals of his photography, are what allowed him to get involved both in the commercial and fine art worlds.

Collins is very devoted to his work. He has been traveling around the world to immortalize his waves. His second book, Water & Light moves from Iceland to Tahiti, all for the sake of photographing the ocean. He was recently featured in the documentary Fish People, which is now viewable on Netflix. had the chance to speak with the sought after photographer about what sparked his love for the ocean and how he captures the essence of waves. We’re bringing you some of his answers from that interview.


photographer captures waves symphony

How did growing up in Australia form your relationship with the sea?


“It’s really all I’ve ever known. We’ve always lived near the coastline—most Australians do—and as a child, you tend to explore your immediate surroundings. For me, this was beaches, cliffs, and coves that dot the landscape of where I live.

The Ocean has been the one single constant in my life. At any stage of life, at any time, during any emotion—it is there for me.”


photographer captures waves symphony

photographer captures waves symphony

You bought your first camera to document friends surfing. How did this evolve into just focusing on the waves?

“Looking back it was the entry point to waves. Even in my earliest work, the “human” element was only to give the wave scale and composure.

The more I evolved in my work the more I concentrated on just how delicate and beautiful water can be. The shape it takes on, the textures, the “feeling” of it.”

What is it that inspires you about waves?

“They are literal waves of energy that move through water and they never repeat themselves! There’s no re-shoot, ever! No rewinding or second chances. All of this, along with its sheer beauty inspire me every day.”

photographer captures waves symphony

photographer captures waves symphony


photographer captures waves symphony




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