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This Photographer Asked His 34-Year-Old Friend To Pose As A Newborn In A Photo Session

This Photographer Asked His 34-Year-Old Friend To Pose As A Newborn In A Photo Session

When you look back into your childhood, no matter what it was like, in general, there are some sweet moments that make one feel nostalgic sometimes. It’s like, when you grow up you wish to have known its value and appreciate all the little things you could do as a child.

But after all, does anybody know the exact age one should stop doing childish things? No matter how inappropriate it might look, all of us tend to enjoy some of the rad activities that children do.

We’re here to talk about a multi-award-winner photographer named Giedre Gomes who recreated some newborn photos with his 34-year-old friend Jamie Dragisic and the results are so adorable. Gomes told Boredpanda that her friend is a mom of three and she’s a funny person in real life.

She had no shame recreating baby photoshoots, putting a diaper on, or putting her naked butt in the air. When I asked her if she would like to do it – her answer was “When? Let’s do it!”

He didn’t hold back on telling that these project “are not to show” his photography skills, in fact, “they are meant to show the funny side” of him.

I’m far from a serious, conservative person.

To see some of these photographs read on this article.

1. Jamie on her first newborn photo session


2. “She not only looks like Melissa McCarthy but also is funny like her,” her photographer friend said.


3. As funny as Jamie is she told her three children to refer to her as “Beautiful Amazon Princess”.


4. Looks like you’ve seen this photo before, right? Not in this way!


5.  Giedre Gomes met Jamie two years ago when he moved in his new house in Indiana.


6. He instantly knew that they’re going to be good friends!

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Photographer asked his friend


7. “The best thing about Jamie is that she couldn’t care less what other people think.”

Photographer asked his friend


8. “It’s hard to find people like that. Being a photographer, I use her a lot for my funny projects like this one.”

Photographer asked his friend

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