Photographer Does Newborn Prince-Inspired Photo Shoot And It’s Everything You Can Imagine

Photography is one of the most beautiful forms of art out there. I mean, the fact that we can seize a moment and make it eternal is just mindbogglingly amazing. I know, I know. A lot of people complain that nowadays we spend too much time trying to snap pretty pictures rather than living the moment. However, photography helps us keep the moment alive for decades.

When it comes to this art form, a lot of photographers try out different concepts, each turning out more stunning than the last. Among the most creative ones is Karen Marie who works for Belly Beautiful Portraits. She is extremely fond of newborn photo shoots. Can ya even blame her? Her artwork is mostly Disney-inspired where she did Disney Princesses and villains as well as a Maleficent photoshoot. Karen’s latest project features a Prince-inspired shoot and you best believe it is one of the most beautiful baby photoshoots we have ever witnessed.

Talking to POPSUGAR, Karen explained how special this photoshoot is to her, saying:

Prince’s music has a special meaning to me and has fostered a huge bond between me and my dear friend and associate photographer, Sammy. We even have matching Prince Symbol tattoos! The musical genius of Prince — who he was, his work ethic, and his strive for perfection — moves me, drives me, and reminds me of my direction.

Karen is much pleased with the results, saying that the shoot turned just how they had planned. Considering that Karen says they planned it for quite some time, we are glad it was a success. Karen says:

We had been planning this photo shoot for some time to honor him on the anniversary of his passing. Our little model was perfect and the shoot couldn’t have been better.

Feel free to scroll down and take a look at the photos yourself.

WARNING: You may (will) catch baby fever 🙂

photographer newborn prince inspired photo shoot


Boy, just how perfect is this picture? The baby has dozed off in a dreamless sleep and seems to be so content.

photographer newborn prince inspired photo shoot


Would you please take a look at those tiny hands? And those chubby cheeks? My ovaries are RUINED!

photographer newborn prince inspired photo shoot
Photo Credit: Belly Beautiful Portraits


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