A Photographer Captures Breathtaking Photos Of Starling Murmurations

There are many things on this almighty planet that are too good to be true. Some magnificent moments are simply craving for capturing them on camera, thus making them ever-lasting. Some of them happen to be perfect coincidences that vividly illustrate the wonder of the world around us.

One such phenomenon, known as murmuration, happened over Costa Brava, in northeastern Spain, when masses of starlings began to gather into a shape-shifting cloud. Murmuration is a true spectacle with countless numbers of birds twisting as a part of what appears to be a coordinated, single organism that can easily morph into numerous fascinating shapes.

53-year-old Daniel Biber was there observing it and captured the breathtaking snaps. The German photographer succeeded in taking several photos which show the birds merging into the shape of a giant bird-figure when they were targeted by a predator.

The unique photographs have earned Biber a prize in an international photography competition, but incredibly, he initially wasn’t even aware that he had captured such an amazing collection of photos.

“Only when I checked the pictures on the computer later, I realized what formation the starlings had created,” he disclosed for The Daily Mail. “I was so concentrated on taking pictures at the time that I hadn’t realized that the starlings had created a giant bird in the sky.”

Biber had already unsuccessfully attempted to capture the starlings in the past; on his latest attempt, the patience finally paid off.

“I’ve tried to photograph the starlings but it never worked out as well as I hoped for,” he said. “I eventually drove to the spot every day for four days in a row in order to capture them. I picked a spot where I thought they would turn up and picked a matching foreground and backdrop in order to put them in scene.”

Embrace these incredible and unbelievable photographs, courtesy of BoredPanda.


Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

Daniel Biber spent four days waiting for the perfect shot


Image credits: Daniel Biber/ SWNS

Mr. Biber has been taking pictures since 1981


Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture



Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

The photographer was initially unaware of what he had captured


Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

“It took less than 10 seconds for the birds to create that formation,” the German photographer revealed


Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

Upon reviewing the photos on his computer he “realized that I had captured a unique snapshot, technically, sharp and in high quality.”


Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

“It usually happens that birds of prey turn up and the starlings then create bizarre forms. It can be quite erratic and completely random.”


Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

“A number of people were watching this display but they were observing it from other spots and might not have seen what I captured.”


Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture

The photographer has had requests from some museums about a potential exhibition during next year.


Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture
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