Photographer Takes Pictures On ‘Ugly’ Locations To Prove That It Is All About The Skill

Photography is all about finding the perfect location, lightning and not even having a great camera can make or break that deal. Well, not so fast. You may not be a pro but you probably want to have great photos of yourself no matter where are you posing. Yes, the location truly matters when it comes to photography, but finding a challenging and not so beautiful location can be a good test for your photography skills. Trying to make the best of an ugly location is not easy, but it is not impossible either.

There is one talented and creative photographer who has taken on an ugly location challenge and has created an amazing collection of images. The 22-year-old photographer, Kelsey Maggert, from Indiana has chosen some ugly locations and has taken some incredible photos with with limited physical resources at her disposal.

Coming from a small town, she had to use all her creativity in order to maximize the potential of her backdrops. Kelsey manages to transform an ordinary location like gas station or KFC and Walmart  into amazing artistic scenes.  “I’ve been doing photography and learning for 3 or 4 years,” she told Bored Panda. “I use a Nikon D750.”

“I prefer more of an abandoned or run down look.  A lot of my town just looks like that anyhow, so it wasn’t hard to make that a part of my style.”

“Most of my models are my friends and sometimes when someone has a specific look I’m aiming for, I’ll reach out to them,” she explained. Location is normally the last thing I worry about.”

Well, you are about to be convinced that it is not about the ideal location like exotic places or stunning sights. You simply need a decent camera and a creative mind to get stunning pictures.

Scroll down and embrace these incredible photographs, courtesy of Bored Panda.

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An ordinary green floral shop


But you would say that she is posing in some gorgeous garden.


Incredible photos


 A gas station, for instance, is one of the most unusual photo shoot locations


Or a brick wall


Or, a Christmas tree sale


Front yard


Convenience store


Just a fence


An abandoned house


Random trees


Car wash


The skills on this one, huh? Makes you wanna grab your phone and find a random alley with dumpsters to see if it works. If it does, do share!

Source: Boredpanda